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  1. Meanwhile im grinding ISK and training my industrial and science skills :I my life is not as exciting
  2. which tides? what, there was a battle? im just seeing two guys provide news and suddenly there is a rivalry? someone explain please >.>
  3. Lel no one hates you, you are just hilarious and perfect meme material On that notion
  4. Does this mean that fan fiction violating these rules will get taken down and permamently removed or will it just not be integrated into official lore
  5. Honestly im against intelligent or sentient alien lifeforms, an wolf like intelligent hunting pack that actually coordinates with each other and reacts would be nice, but no Empire. IF there are alien sentient lifeforms i hope they get restricted to stone age or even earlier and not real civilizations. That said and Alien AI (not lifeform) that inhabits a planet/moon/asteroid wathever, wether it expands or not could be fun and engaging. Take for example the mining drones from stellaris, they sit in their system and (presumably) mine asteroids all day and shoot you if you get to close. If we can find new tech through such encounters i think it would benefit exploration gameplay and surveying and add a lot of depth to the game.
  6. its hard to tell who replies to who, use the quote feature to avoid confusion ALSO im tired :|
  7. how the did you just notice this thing right now when there has been a shitstrom over this topic
  8. THE FORUMS HATE HIM This man found out 5 ways to double member count YOU WONT BELIEVE NUMBER 4!!
  9. A bit low effort but there is a bigger one incoming
  10. Oh hey, i need to get back to this Raptor pics incoming soon
  11. The dev mentioned in some interviews that there will be (free) expansions, for example stargates wont be in the game at the beginning and will be added later (i can dig up the inverview where jc says that) further more a server set up like the ones this game will use isnt cheap, in fact its ridicoulusly expensive
  12. A little bit of advice for any MMO/multiplayer game and especially Dual Universe: Trust no one not even yourself (your judgemnt) Actually yes you can trust me
  13. I REWROTE THIS FACTION a lot has changed The Unified Systems of the outer Belt [uSOB]: REVISED WHO are we? We are a pirate group with a little twist: Unlike most pirate groups that have a hidden base and operate locally, we are speed thinly across the universe and operate entirely ship based. This allows us to be highly mobile and operate with most effectiveness as trade routes may change or trade hubs may rise and fall, we are always sure to be near the money flow. Further we involve in a few more delicate activities that require medium or higher ranks inside our faction (view below for ranks and security clearance). Furthermore we are part of BAND OF OUTLAWS WHAT do we do? While pirates may be accused as griefers and mindless destroyers, we are far from that. Our goal is much simpler and yet (arguably) better, we are after money. Lots of money. “I want to have enough money to allow me to just buy some random dude a deathstar and not feel it” –Aison Bold (actual quote from the community discord) How we acquire that money is unlimited in forms, ways or grade of illegality. WHY do we do what we do? It’s simple, in Dual Universe you do not “Do what you want” you “Are who you want”. I want to be rich. That’s it, it’s really that simple. HOW do we do what we do? Well a good pirate wouldn’t tell his prey how he strikes now would he? We raid and steal. And may or may not indulge in other secret activities. Organization: Our organization relies on cell like structures. This diagram explains it better: Explanation: Bottom -> middle -> Top; lowest -> medium -> highest The red lines represents the security clearance: Any one below them only knows about the rank above. Example: An employee/brute knows only (ONLY) about his supervisor, he/she does NOT know who the other supervisors are, what their orders are and where they operate. Example 2: Supervisors know the orders of their “twin” (the other supervisor under the SAME manager) and of their manager NOT of the other supervisors/managers. This is done to make sure that information stays in the faction. How an order is issued: 1. The Executioner tells one (or both) of his speakers that there is a certain (main-) task that needs to be done and assigns it to one (or both) (tasks may stack/one manager may have multiple tasks). 2. The speakers assign one (or both) of their managers an (sub-) task to either fulfill or help fulfilling the main task the executioner assigned. 3. The Manager briefs his supervisors, who then brief their respective employees and brutes who then get respective orders to fulfill the sub task, thus also helping to fulfill/fulfilling the main task. Specialists: Specialists are people who have focused themselves singularly on one task and are mediocre too horrible at any other (due to their skills) They assist the executioner who may assign them to somebody or directly supervise them. Gameplay: we focus on money and player freedom thus these laws apply: 1. Anything we do is in some form responsible for a profit gain, this may be direct or indirect. 2. Players won’t be limited to doing something they don’t want to do, if somebody doesn’t want to fulfill a task he is free to say so without fearing penalties. 3. Supervisors (and above) are free to go on raids or other activities with their sub ordinaries. 4. Dont be an asshole Community Portal: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/unified-systems-of-the-outer-belt-usob-reworked See you in the game
  14. I like the way Space Engineers handles mirroring, its simple and straight forward. Would love to see that or a similiar mechanic in DU
  15. DACS are passes for one month, on release they will cost 15 euros. you can buy and sell the passes for ingame currency
  16. Guess who is back? Raptor Jesus? - CONFIRMED
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