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I would not want any human or alien AI in this game.

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Maybe animals, maybe space beasts or big mythical worldly beasts. But AI as humans, or as ships or alien ships would really detract from the fact it's a single shard mmo that is ran by the players. I don't want to be running around seeing ships and people and being like "is that a person or an AI?" I always want to be like, oh... enemy ship approaching it's definitely a real person. Oh there's a guy walking alone in the desert, it's a real person! Not some random side quest npc or something dumb.

Sorry to anyone who likes the idea of NPC's but they could only detract from this games ideas of single shard mmo.

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Sames, that's one thing I didn't like about Elite Dangerous, AI that tried to act like human players. Good for single player game but me no like for multiplayer/mmo.

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2 hours ago, Archaics said:

Disagree completely. Having no AI, takes a lot of SCIFI opportunity out of a SCIFI game.. Imho

Well let's look at our options and try to pull it all together.


In many MMORPG Themepark games, there's a MANDATORY requirement for AI Programming of NPCs which constitute the MAJOR content and gameplay features which usually are:-


* Content = Quests via  a fake world of NPCs that perform life-like routines via AI

* Features = Combat via PCs in groups against NPCs in groups and or solo again via more complicated AI


In DU which we won't declare what sort of game it is but investigate IT'S features and content first then that will define via inside-out:


* DU Content = Voxel Sandbox editing gameplay. Do we need AI? No, the dynamic interaction is purely Environmental there's no fake life to this.

* DU Features = Construct Interactions: Need Parameter values in the LUA scripts for constructs eg spaceship or passcode door and UI features too HTML/LUA iirc.

* DU Features = Combat Interactions: Need other players so again no fake life for this, other players perform better anyway (In fact a lot of Open World PvP MMOs design for this very reason).


So being specific there's zero need for the normal use of "AI" in MMOs. But what about DU's case outside of this? So the "opportunity" is different for DU: Is it needed?


No. It's outside the scope for the release of the game which has enough locked in features already that cost time and money and are complicated enough.


Is there "opportunity" for "nice to have" reasons? Yes, I think so.


1. Players are given Pet Robots if they pledge. I would hope we can tinker and hack apart their scripts in LUA to change their AI behaviour? I'd like "Pet Club" ie fight club for pets or race club around a maze or similar games players could put their pets to and experiment with?

2. At release some sort of marketing gimmick could be a glimpse of a "far off solar system" that has a robotic AI civilization. The devs never have to even release it but could just reveal it as "look what is possible for players to either make or discover"! It would be interesting if the devs can programme Ant-like behaviour in the robot race and see how well they set up colonies and expand and even fight each other like robot ants in wars... do-able.


Like I said though, these are edge-cases of nice-to-have and far from essential. But as you say, Sci-Fi + AI + Opportunity might go together.





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