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  1. Im not really sure, but it looks like every post i've made has been deleted, and i am unable to edit my organization page.. What's the deal Novaquark?
  2. Tell that to the pigs, cow, and sheep in minecraft. Do they despawn? You're right though, but I prefer a massive turret that absolutely obliterates varmints.
  3. Yeah but, Fauna wandering into towns? They have to despawn permanently when they die. I like the idea of animal critters, but they will wander into our builds and ruin our nice stuff.
  4. Sorry to give a simple answer, but I think that space is meant to feel empty, untouched lands, new horizons. No bots that have gotten there first.
  5. This is where the conversation gets really interest, because in an mmo there is utility to allowing an npc to take your place when you're offline such as a market bott selling for you. However, it should be exactly that, the market ai are, bots, they are simply market bots that link to the global or galactic market in a way only NQ can keep track of. But everything else can be lua scripted, local sales of items, ship command, repair services, everything except mining can be made with LUA to do a job in sequence.
  6. Since my post, this has been fixed. Thank you NQ for getting to the root of the problem.
  7. I would normally agree, my security preferences are quite tight. However, their previous privacy cookies worked just fine. Last months is still not working right.
  8. If it takes months to fix a community website for NovaQuark then it might take them months to fix in-game glitches. Please fix your website cookies for the privacy policy, it is setting a bad example for your video game you're working on. It says, "we don't care if it's broken, we'll get around to it eventually" which is unacceptable to a single shard, major glitches will be needed to be fixed within a day. and minor glitches within a week.
  9. Maybe animals, maybe space beasts or big mythical worldly beasts. But AI as humans, or as ships or alien ships would really detract from the fact it's a single shard mmo that is ran by the players. I don't want to be running around seeing ships and people and being like "is that a person or an AI?" I always want to be like, oh... enemy ship approaching it's definitely a real person. Oh there's a guy walking alone in the desert, it's a real person! Not some random side quest npc or something dumb. Sorry to anyone who likes the idea of NPC's but they could only detract from this games ideas of single shard mmo.
  10. Welcome, see you around the game sometime.
  11. Welcome! Hopefully I can get in later this week as well.
  12. Welcome? Why were you so close to a Zebra?
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