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  1. Anyone else getting this? Right after log in, the second I move my mouse or do something I get a crash "unhandled" something or other. After about 5- 10 attempts it works. Is there something I can do to fix this? If this post is in the wrong place, please point me in the right direction. ty ty
  2. I'm about to build my first ship, can anyone here tell me what the best materials are? Does it matter? What honeycomb material would be best for a ship? Atmo and Space.
  3. I'm have been a backer for a long time, and I lost NDA on discord, trying to get it back. So following the instructions.
  4. Disagree completely. Having no AI, takes a lot of SCIFI opportunity out of a SCIFI game.. Imho
  5. Streaming now would be a very bad idea. There are a-lot of aspects to the game, each one of those a selling point. To show the world now would do the final product an injustice. Right now, all you could stream is flying around and building stuff for the most part, but there is so much more that has yet to be implemented. Lifting the NDA now would sell DU short and not do it justice. Imho
  6. I personally decided to join up because I've been waiting for this type of game, and would be cool to contribute in its dev. A bonus is that you get to learn the game mechanics. With a game this deep and complicated ( looks like ), It's a good head start to have imo.
  7. All I can say is, I'm glad I found an org before A1 Launch. DU is going to be deep, I'm looking forward to the new game, new ppl, new awesome experience. I don't see the problem with ppl being excited enough to get together and get a head start and get organized. -That's no moon...
  8. discordauth:atebiOnK969UqSbp_kDpJZD70bis_1EgIVYVH2IYemk=

    1. CMD_Reios



  9. Im a real person, need approval I think. Trying to ~forumauth on discord
  10. I think its a bad idea. We dont want to make things to easy mode. The more work it takes to get the materials, the more value you have for it remember
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