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  1. Hello and welcome to the community! I haven't had this much fun digging underground since the early days of Minecraft.
  2. Atlas has a very interesting NPC mechanic where a player can purchase NPCs to do various jobs on a pirate ship. I wouldn't mind something like this in DU. These types of NPCs can be used for (as was stated earlier) low level jobs and tasks. Maybe design them in such a way that they look different from PCs. Maybe a robot with a specific look or color? Planets should have some indigenous creatures. Not every planet, obviously, but there needs to be more immersion with planets. Make creatures rare. Make them valuable when found. Make them instill fear into our hearts when we come upon that rare planet teeming with life. PvP is great and all, but trust me, there will be many players screaming at lack of PvE content. This could be an easy way to implement PvE for players who just want to base build and fend off the occasional herd of creatures or solitary predator.
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