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  1. I haven't played yet, but I agree that radar could be useful, but IRL if you actively use radar you have already given your position away, so if that gets implemented it would be nice to let those in the vicinity that there is an active radar signal, even a single ping and you should know from where it was coming. Passive signals could still be useful as well as magnified vision in determining what something is, and as pointed out a heat source stands out in space. The Mark I eyeball enhanced with a telescope is a great piece of equipment that game developers seem to think about. It bugs me so many games set in the future don't have magnified vision or night vision equipment. I can buy a pair of binoculars for $10 bucks and night vision for about $100, and get a really, really good version of both with a laser rangefinder for a weapons mountable version for under a $1,000. So in the future I have a magic gun or glove that can create a battleship, BUT I can't make a magnifying glass that in real life I can make in a BBQ pit with some beach sand?
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