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  1. Ok, so there will be different "money sinks". But will there also be "product sinks"? When building material is used to make a building, it's gone from the market. When a ship is destroyed, it is (partly?) reverted to building materials. (Reducing the value the product had gained by the process of building it) So materials will always be used, they can be used up very fast and if you hoard them (in neutral territories), chances are increasing , that they will be robbed from you.
  2. For animals, I think respawn mechanics and behavior would be too difficult to implement in an immersive way.
  3. I thought, when a player buys from a player, then you have neither inflation nor deflation.
  4. I did think that. Well, yeah ok. So are you for the butter idea, or what is the deal now?
  5. and if we all just "promise" not to build a frickin minefield?
  6. Even NQ CEO Baillie said, he doesn't know, how the game society will look like. (although maybe he has a good idea about it already) But I think you're right in that there can't be a player owned bank, as long as quanta is not handled as an item. Also like Eternal said, these micro-loans would be a bit like charity, which also indicates, that we won't see this from players. This would both speak in favor of the micro-loan idea. Do you think, this should be introduced at the start of the game, or only later, when the market bots are removed? So they would buy resources for higher prices than the arkship market price. Then make products, that they would sell for a profitable price. Bought by buyers with quanta, that they got from... mining? I'm not good at economics, so maybe I'm confused here for no reason. Also, theoretically anything in the game can be achieved without the use of quanta at all, so I'm giving this too much thought maybe.
  7. Can voxels just float in the air? How about requiring voxels outside of cores to be connected to the ground and maybe give them a maximum height for each material?
  8. how about using some butter, if a ship is too large for a hangar? ?
  9. How big are the chances, that the territory, where you've built a secret base (without a TU) will be claimed by someone else with a TU and could you then just smash this TU, when you are logging in very often and also have some weapon power?
  10. But then you would not be able to enter your own base?
  11. If they put buy orders for more money than the market-bots, where do they have the money from?
  12. There are still 2 open questions about the micro-loan system for me. 1. If a player's attempt to make profit with his or her investment fails, will it be very frustrating? 2. Could this also be done by a player organization? (Then there won't have to be a built in loan system.) I've read about market bots on the wiki and they want to permanently remove them after some time and only implement them again, if it really is necessary for some reason. The only idea, I could come up with, that could counter inflation in a DU with market bots being available permanently, was implementing a market, where you could buy cosmetics (outfits, fireworks, music, etc.) for quanta on the arkship. It would depend on the players though, how much they will want to invest in these things. These would have to be things, that are desirable to use in social interaction or have an aesthetic value and a lot of them should be consumables (having a one time use effect).
  13. Sorry, I meant Shrink-Rays of course. ^^
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