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  1. MaltoSigma

    Camera elements that can link to screens

    Could the camera's view be converted into a format, that uses very little bandwidth, when being streamed?
  2. I would build a Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Cannon. If it could shoot things, that would be an okay extra. If there won't be any static turrets, I would probably still build it at some point, so I think either way is alright.
  3. MaltoSigma

    Persistent Players

    TUs make Alioth perfectly grief save fortunately! And in pvp zones you will need energy shields. Which won't help against large organized griefing necessarily. Persistence ^^
  4. MaltoSigma

    What happens when you die?

    "Murder" sounds a bit harsh for an online character ^^ I think there are 2 possibilities: - The "murderer" will feel excitement as dopamine is rushing into her or his bloodstream, because she or he achieved her or his goal. - She or he didn't actually want to kill you and teardrops will run down her or his cheeks, while shouting: "What have I done!!" Regarding game mechanics, I don't think, that there will be implemented a "kill penalty". ^^
  5. MaltoSigma

    Persistent Players

    Sry, I haven't been clear with my wording. "Toxic" is a term used in LoL for example to describe players accused for hacking, verbal harassment, racism and sexism. But also helping the enemy team or having a negative attitude (Which would be acceptable in DU, since it doesn't have to be a team game and noone is forced to ally with you).
  6. MaltoSigma

    Persistent Players

    If you have to get to a safe place before logging out, so noone can rob you, that is tedious in my opinion. And it will reduce the number of active players by 90% or so. If by trolling you mean "suddenly 100 enemy players are logging in next to your base", there are other possible mechanics, like login delays. I'm not in the Alpha yet, but in an interview Baillie said, that they are aiming the game at people with jobs and families. Also to increase profit, you will have to try to keep all kinds of players playing the game and only drive away the toxic ones.
  7. MaltoSigma

    Will buildings have a decay time?

    Maybe TUs in safe zones should disappear after a certain amount of time without account payment.
  8. MaltoSigma

    Persistent Players

    Combat logging can be prevented by a logout delay. And regarding persistent players, I'd like to mention, that adding things, that would make the game more tedious, will make the game, well, more tedious.
  9. MaltoSigma

    Being able to plant a tree or to fill a pool

    Trees out of voxels will probably not look realistic. But I don't know, why there shouldn't be a wide range of plant elements.
  10. MaltoSigma

    Massive cave planet

    If there won't be such a planet, you will be able to dig your own caves for sure!
  11. I think, it would be good to have skill trees with many branches. And getting specific skill points for crafting specific things. Spending the skill points would give more uniqueness to the characters maybe?
  12. MaltoSigma

    What happens when you die?

    Everytime you die, 50€ are taken from your actual bank account. How about that? ^^
  13. MaltoSigma

    Automated object movement

    There won't be elements like pistons, altough it would be great!
  14. MaltoSigma

    Multi level Residence areas

    Ok yeah, so rdms can also disable the nanoformer. And you can build multiple static cores and you could also have different rdms on these. The idea in this thread (if I understood this right) is to extend this system with skeletons to attach to the cores to give players more freedom to create systems (like renting), that could basically manage themselves. Which, as I would say, is a bad idea, beacause it would further promote hierarchic social structures and make the game more boring.