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  1. Glad to help people discover what fits their preferences. I, personally already enjoyed the graphics of DU in it's pre-alpha: The underlying voxel 3d solar system and scale was amazing with only sufficient visual representation for me. Since then, the graphics are gradually improved so from my own perspective the graphics are way above my expectations. However I can imagine those who seek "realism/high fidelity" will find the graphics less enjoyable. Personally I believe graphics are a much lower priority (ok at a minimum level they need to smooth and not an eyesore) than the attra
  2. The combat is more like EVE's lock+target. I don't know what Elite's combat is. If the graphics are off-putting to you then you may prefer to wait for full release then it's not a question of words but of what you see and your own subjective preferences.
  3. Alpha = x3 96Hrs per month Thurs-Sun. The last week is reserved for dev work so no test session. this is the live server TESTING cycle during Alpha 3 (increase from Alpha 2). However one of these slots or more will not happen when the game is switching to Beta as another dev slot takes it's place. Beta is scheduled ETA "Summer" probably nearer "End of Summer". That too is just an Estimate and could delay. The intention is to have 24/7 Live server access at Beta (except when devs decide they need to take the server offline for work whenever that i
  4. It's not announced. Usually there's x3 per month. Presumably this week will be the 3rd and last session this month? Keep an eye on the Dual Universe web front page when the status changes.
  5. As said good trailer. But I wait for NDA lift and Beta to assess the game's playability more.
  6. There's a wipe of all built things. But players keep their blueprints. Currently the game is in alpha 3 and Testing >>> Playing so you are not missing anything atm. However you WILL GAIN by joining the Beta. What will you gain? That is fuzzy (apart from blueprints) but examples include: Social contacts, game understanding, probably a knowledge of the game world locations and more... For example. I hope this information is useful and clear to you. Bear in mind the price is exceedingly affordable but you may want to check your computer specifications
  7. Actually a solution if deemed necessary would probably look more like: Inner Core of Space = Core voxel gameplay = Main mass market Outer Rim of Space = Hard-Core players = Niche dedicated market = This could be done with more "Earth-like" planets in the Core "Habitable Zone" to beautify planetary settlement for the Civ building players (high social and creative and network etc) Probably more regulations on planning permission too ! Art imitating life. Likewise more aberrant and strange planets in the Outer Rim with more broken and va
  8. OP: Don't buy it then at this time = your answer. As to Crowdfunding, it does fall under Consumer Protection as with any other transaction - however that still applies a "Caveat Emptor" principle thus the CONDITIONS of purchase should be investigated by the potential customer BEFORE any purchase. If there is a degree of uncertainty on suitability then DON't PURCHASE. This is probably applicable to Software which is stated to not be ready for general public release eg ALPHA status. As to refunds, likewise - read what the vendor has stipulated on this subject
  9. One topic that has had a few fly-bys is: Player-Made and then Player-Run Cities. So the questions are: 1. Will Players make cities? 2. Apart from the architectural challenge, 3. Apart from the decorative display, 4. Apart from the social gathering behaviour, 5. What else is a reason for players to make cities? 6. Will cities be protected thus able to grow (from PvP)? 7. Normally a city develops due to functional reasons: * A Trade Centre * A combination of Useful Services to people * Commute distance of people to their
  10. Winning = Increasing Understanding. In that sense for each player it is subjective. In the sense of comparing players, it is relative.
  11. @xlDvSlx @DvS_UK You both have failed to structure a coherent argument. Your writing is interlaced with emotional noise. Could I request that either or both of you, provide a summary of your arguments in clear statments. It would help if you can remove your emotional issues as it would be clearer to understand your arguments then. If so, thank you. Point of order: Please use correct form to argue otherwise it is polluted by too much "noise". Please avoid "over-familiarity" in your language, "appelations" such as "oi mate!" are petty attention-seeking in
  12. The immediate value is very apparent to me: 1. I've never seen a comparable MMO with such "VAST 3D-ness". I honestly cannot think of another MMO with that sense of gigantic space all around, instead of a 2d plane to traverse. 2. I'm assuming there will be high numbers able to play in a shared locality that again I've always found other MMOs flunk at irrespective of advertising at being able to do this eg large battles. 3. This does not appeal to me personally, but I am estimating that the voxel "minecrafting-just-one-more-blockalizing...before bed," addictive/creative gam
  13. There's any number of these subscriptions however; off the top of the head: 1. Monthly gym membership 2. Music streaming sub 3. Amazon prime or somesuch 4. Steam Sales or somesuch 5. Charity per month or somesuch 6. MMO sub... So it's as much the cumulative burden of all these services that is the issue as well as most MMOs are simply terrible and not increasing in returns the longer you play (which is how they need to be). If I am honest, it's less the price that concerns me, as you say, assuming the quality of this game is about "u
  14. No you should not get it - yet. You're on the fence and the information is not visible enough for you to make a purchase decision based around, considering the normal assumption of "opportunity cost" and also "locked cost" once you purchase. Just be patient, there's any number of other things to do until the game is more developed and more info is available on more features which are more polished and PLAY-ABLE. That said, from my own objective point of view: The TREND of development: It's RATE and QUALITY (ie timeliness of meeting milestones that are signif
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