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  1. Not that I know but we really need the ability to change light colors just as we need the ability to change voxel colors.
  2. I am waiting to see what kind of territory control mechanics (including space control mechanics) and electronic warfare systems are added to the game before making any judgments. If this civilization building game turns out to be just a pvp arena then it will fail. If builder types cannot create a mostly secure environment for themselves then most builders will leave and most "pvpers" will then leave because they no longer have no easy pickings at the edges of civilization.
  3. Thanks, I was not using the correct copy command of Control-V and using the image tag in html does not accept with and height= x pixels. The relative percent modifier needs to be used instead to adjust an image.
  4. As I just discovered you need to use the image width and height percent modifiers in the image tag to modify the stretch of your image and not any sort of absolute parameters.
  5. By inherent strength. I am beginning to think material used as armor is just a bad idea. Shields and electronic warfare devices should be used instead for that purpose.
  6. Are you able to get this to work? When I copy the website image url into a transparent sign no image appears even though the url is there when I go to edit the html.
  7. Good catch! The mass conversions are off. Mass should not increase with conversion. If anything mass should be lost due to conversion inefficiencies.
  8. Add my voice to the desperate need for at least a color picker not only for solids but also for lights. These are basic features of any building game. How can we set moods for builds without colored lights?
  9. What will make or break this game is the high level game design surrounding PvP and territory control. This will have deep roots in the code and so it should be discussed now. Having all or nothing battles requiring timers breaks immersion and unbalances the game by giving too much emphasis to raw military force relative to economic and diplomatic power (soft power). A PvP specialized guild should be on equal terms with an equally large guild specializing in soft power. The soft power guild needs to be able to rebuild its defenses as quickly as they are destroyed and be able to get
  10. You are not the only one. Game has developed network issues with all the new players starting Friday so I think they are limiting player numbers. While I think some hot patches were put in over the weekend a true fix will not come until later in the work week. Still, the devs need to get in the habit of telling us what is happening instead of letting us guess.
  11. If we have proximity sensors, collision detection, and engines which are linked then we will have AI programming for constructs. So in order to avoid battle fleets of robotic ships the game needs to limit such free construct programming to claimed territories. Simple AI is not difficult to implement. Fortunately, LUA code line limits will prevent any really intelligent AI.
  12. Given the flexibility of voxel building and Lua scripting, settlement defense based upon a single shield concept seems overly simplistic. Defences should be reactive and in depth. The more creative, skilled, and resource intensive the reactive defense the tougher it should be to take down. Defences should have traps and kill fields in addition to a shield.
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