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Today I finished up a piece of propaganda for us here at "Deleted." While finishing it up I had a rather interesting idea for something to start up on the forum. The idea is to create a place where anyone that wants to show off their skills in creating beautiful pieces of propaganda art!


Anyone can submit, just refrain from anything not matching the conduct guidelines set out for us on the forum. 




Anyway henceforth I guess I will get the ball rolling. . .


"Image Deleted"


Meanwhile - Just have fun!



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Hey there :)


Here are some i did with GIMP for BOO, mixing free use stuff and funny quotes :








And we've put that one on ex-UL discord when they came to try recruiting BOO's members, let's call it "Fun Power" (like soft power, hard power...) or "Fun diplomacy" with BOO :D




1 poster every week for a dozen of weeks :)

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On 15/07/2017 at 6:36 AM, DevisDevine said:

Have a new favorite piece - now I just need to update all the others to the wonderful new format and logo. . . 



Did you make this?  It looks great.

It took me 47.2 seconds to realise that there was a planet in this pic, my attention was diverted elsewhere :P


Great work ;)


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