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  1. fair enough, yeah i but its very tedious. I know our org has gained over 50 since the last one and then some left so i cant imagine doing it for every faction. You definitely do everyone a service with these
  2. I am entirely stoked for it tbh. Both as a lover of what they can do, but also as a transhumanist who personally wants to do what the people in the game a are doing and replace parts with robotics and cybernetics
  3. DARK STAR IMPERIUM “non absorbetur mors foedari” The Epitome of Military Might. Reshaping the Cosmos to a better place one world at a time. Responding, Reacting, Engaging and Providing Citizenship for all. METADATA: Language: English Timezone: All (Global Membership) Communication: Discord (https://discord.gg/2vkazux) Organization: Goals: Initial push into deepspace at launch to establish our own dominion over sovereign worlds and a staunch military meritocracy where any man with the ability can rise to fame and glory for th
  4. My org is relatively new so it may not be there, but is fairly large given the time of its creation. Here a link (: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/dark-star-imperium#tab-posts
  5. discordauth:rbrLeSk5VDxzXo1MO6y9Cqae-nBal4ec41U427Zn1XE=

  6. discordauth:rbrLeSk5VDxzXo1MO6y9Cqae-nBal4ec41U427Zn1XE=

  7. Hey everyone, just posting the old initial post so I can get roled on the discord haha. Might as well introduce myself! I'm Primarch, and me and my clan are going to be moving to dual universe from space engineers, along with another clan from there as well merging into each other to make a dual universe clan. To my knowledge we were the biggest PvP faction as far as discord size was concerned, and then the 2nd, so hopefully we can bring in the majority of the 150+ people from our respective clans into here to play Dual Universe! Going to hold off for a while for posting a guild thing on here
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