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  1. namco

    Raming ship

    funny, I couldn't see the link, I had to put my face directly against my monitor to see it.... you're still a cunt like lethys. tiny little brains that cannot comprehend anything more than their basic understanding of nothing. and i don't even car if im banned for saying it. its dbags like you that ruin gaming because of your know it all attitude and negativity. "it can't be done" bullshit. ill happily fuck off.
  2. namco

    Raming ship

    You didn't send any link, nor have you commented one.... so. great job? I have no messages in my inbox nor have seen a link anywhere in this thread leading to another webpage.... fail. Like I said, its fine that NQ said "no" to ship ramming, but saying it cannot be done, is absolutely laughable. As someone else already pointed out, it seemed impossible to have 1000's of people in one small area without lag, NQ used AI based technology to solve it. Rather or not it works in actual practice vs tests, who knows. But saying something cannot be done IS laughable. I have a whole basic AI system for NPC's that, if done correctly, would shave off production time for any company that uses it. It uses a tagging system where each tag has values and strings that allow each individual NPC to behave a certain way with other tags to tie multiple strings together. For example an RPG. The tag "fisherman" has everything inside it for an NPC that would go fishing. It would have other tags to know which boat at the dock is that NPC's. There would be other "personality" trait tags like "drunk" or "early riser". When designing an NPC, its a matter of plugging in the generic AI using a control panel, and then selecting the empty control aspects (like the fishing ship ownership) to the tag system. Then once done, you can literally watch a fisherman NPC wake up really early (slightly before sun rise) eat some bread, go down to the docks and hop on his boat, go fishing for the day. The game using the same AI would make the same "calculations" for "was the fish caught yes/no" and so on with quality of fish. The fisherman would then sell his fish to a local seller NPC, then use most of the money he just made to go to the pub for the rest of the night, until he waddles home and passes out in bed, to redo the whole task over again the next day. SIMPLE AI. Computers were originally made to work for us. We wanted to simplify the things we do so that we can "do more". Game development has hit a rough patch the last few years where developers, instead of doing "smart work" and letting the pc handle the load, they take the load on themselves to program every little individual thing. This NPC, all his traits, scripted NPC by NPC one at a time, without any helpers. So we end up with NPC's that aren't all that dynamic unless they are a part of the story. Using a very basic AI infrastructure, you can literally do all the coding on the back end (which seems like it might take longer) but then every game after that is now quicker to build because base technology makes it faster. Its the same principle as randomly generating a planet. Why sit there and design every little aspect by hand, when you can have the computer DO THE WORK FOR YOU. Once again, its fine that NQ doesn't want to have ship collision, I accept it, but I still say its possible irregardless if its going to be done or not. There are two types of people in this world, can do's and can't do's.... clearly, you are a can't doer. Not being rude, just pointing out a fact.
  3. namco

    Raming ship

    what i posted about servers and technology is fact. not my fault you cannot comprehend it, maybe read a book before you make a stupid argument like "the devs know more than you". that's just small minded and absolutely hilarious. developers don't always have the answers, just like I may not have all the answers. you can google my facts, just like bit coin, physics calculations finish a lot faster and are more efficient when running on a GPU vs a CPU. If they have say 40 servers to handle the load index they described where servers will load certain zones to keep the game running well and have 1000's in the same node, they could put a gpu or a few of them, and code their stuff to run all physics calculations on the gpu instead of cpu, increasing the overall physics performance server side no issue. IGNORING that means you simply can't handle the truth. I UNDERSTAND the NQ said they weren't going to work on ship collision because they don't want people ramming ships. they are going for "tab targeting" which makes ramming ships pretty much useless anyway. its not a twitch shooter when in ship cockpit. HOWEVER, my facts about physics can work for more things than just ship collision mechanics, it can also be used for water, and land based vehicles. The biggest reason Indy (independent) developers seem to be doing things other mainstream developers are not, is because they have the mindset of "IT CAN BE DONE" as apposed to the typical mind of "it can't be done.... don't even try". There is a reason why mainstream games have gone downhill in overall quality. the similar "it can't be done, its too much work, its too much time" etc. That negativity is ruining gaming. Technology has far surpassed what we currently use in games. I don't mean player side where some games barely get 60fps at 4k. I am talking about the game itself and the technology in it. We can do so much more, but people like you, say no, lets just keep doing what we are doing because everything is impossible.....
  4. following like a drone is doable. following like a drone does not = fully automated. fail. ya'll understand English right?
  5. When did I say a fully automated ship? I said you could get close to it using the drone feature. Why are you putting words in my mouth? oh because you wanna be a know it all. I'm done with your bs sir. Bye.
  6. So then they LIED when they said we could build drones and have them follow us around a planet? Because then you can move that script over to a ship and boom it follows you around. Its wont be "fully automated" but you can get close. Also, they give you full access to the LUA scripting. Otherwise there is literally no point in doing ANY lua scripting because most things are "auto generated" and "you don't have to script". ____________7:23 in this video from the devs..... ____________
  7. If you can write lua scrips, you can automate a ship... sure it may not be something that you can do out of the box, but are they going as far as limiting lua scripts? because I thought they said "you can script anything" in which case you can script a ship to fly on its own.... it may not have pathing or object detection but it could follow you around like a drone and auto fire. Since they already said you can build drones to follow you. FAIL.
  8. You talk as if ships can't be automated. They have already said LUA scrips can be used pretty much anywhere, there is gonna be that one guy who figured out how to code some ships to fly with him and they will end up fully automated.... Will they have "auto pathing" probably not, can they follow one ship that is piloted? sure. Will they have weapons, most likely, and as such they can also be scripted to auto fire in the LUA. A lot of comments are "no because I don't like it" but you are ruining the chance for other players to do it. If I spend the resources to build a trap base to where you breach inside and then 20 turrets come online and kill you making you drop all your gear inside the trap base, than hey, you lose and I should be able to do it. There is no reason to limit players from doing anything as long as it fits with the lore of the game. Same goes for things like ramming ships. I know they claimed already that you wont be able to, but did they say "wont ever be able to" or "we have more important things to develop right now to get the main game going?" Limiting interaction is just as bad as not developing the game in the first place. IF its not possible now, fine, but they need to figured it out at some point and allow for the game to truly come "alive." To me, the biggest issue with MMO's is that they are single player games "with friends". That isn't fun, at all. MMO games should be online worlds that feels like you are living in them. A sort of "escape" from real life as games have always been, just more dynamic. But then again, that's my opinion. I still feel we shouldn't be limited in any aspect.
  9. namco

    Raming ship

    Physics is a gpu load, not a cpu. Running psychics on cpu is literally the wrong way to run physics. Most companies who run physics calculations have a similar setup to bit coin mining rigs with multiple gpu's to actually pound out said physics code, because gpu's are better at it. I guarantee they don't have a set server farm setup yet. They probably have a few test servers and that's it. Add 1-8 gpu's per server rig and the physics issue load is solved in one fell swoop. If they can code a new algorithm for handling server load itself to where 1000's of players can hang out in the same spot and even fight each tother, than coding their game to use gpu's for physics calculations would significantly improve performance, which would mean we could even see actual wheels and such instead of "hover/flying" tech only, and we would also see water. "but water would be too much calculations" well, from other thing they said is that scripting only works when someone is present, I thought they meant your scripts only run when YOU are present, they haven't clarified, but if they can basically "turn off" unused sectors and then "turn them on" when a player is actually there to interact with them, then everything people are claiming can't be done, can be done. Server technology isn't how it was years ago. Not to mention, if you pay attention to how games are run server side, its all code, no game. Its not like running the game on your pc. However, look at the servers today. 80% are single core servers. That means you could have an 8 core server and its only using 1 core to run said game. 15% are dual core games that run on 2 cores, 4% run on 4 cores, and 1% run on 6 cores or more. We have 32 core/64 thread cpus, and none of that is properly getting utilized. If the devs here making DU decided to use all the horsepower that they can, anything is possible....
  10. I posted in another thread about server technology, its totally possible. In that post, I had written about the newer AMD cpu's that are 32 core 64 thread with great core speeds. That one chip along side 2TB of memory, the proper harddrive space, and say 6 gpu's, make for one hell of a server. In that ideal, calculations where required, and programmed by the devs, will go where they are needed. Servers don't run like actually playing the game. Its all DATA. So if you need things like physics calculations, you simple use a gpu and make sure the game engine itself, when needing to make said calculations, uses a gpu (or multiple gpus) and since its raw code, the calculations will happen extremely fast compared to normal games. Think of it like mining bitcoin, you are simply applying a data set and the gpu pounds out said calculations. You aren't running a 3d model, just DATA. So, its definitely possible. I agree, right now, not really a priority, but at some point, the dev's will have to move forward and something like this would then be doable. In fact, they already showed some of their custom tech where shards can load the same data and thus you can have 1000's of players all in one spot. Throw in dedicated servers for planets and dedicated servers for physics calculations (or place a gpu, or multiple gpus in each rig) and all of these issues can easily be solved. Just takes a great mind to see it, and takes a smarter mind (like the devs) to code it.
  11. namco

    Faster Travel

    With these two quotes in mind, I could see a group of players who actually want to branch out, so they spend the time as a team to get to a new solar system, and upon arriving, immediately setup mining for materials (or maybe already have them depending on their ship size) and then build said "star gate". Then with the other half their team back at the original solar system, they link up the two "star gates" and thus you now have much much faster travel between solar system. Being a pioneer isn't supposed to be "easy" there are risks, and rewards. I just hope at launch there are enough types of minerals, metals, chemicals, fuels, etc, that can be harvested/mined, and even combined to make compound elements, and metal alloys. This way, someone who spends the time in their skill tree to research said tech to combine metals or chemicals, and create new metals and chemicals/fuels and then sell them. being the "pioneer". Game has so much potential. EDIT: and now that I think about it, it would be cool to make custom sized star gates as well. Maybe I have a ball like ship in the shape of a rectangle (but rounded) and I make a star gate just long enough for me and anyone with a ship like mine to go through. I could then have my own custom portal in that sense. this would also help me keep it hidden vs larger "star gates". I could imagine a group raiding a stargate to destroy it to stop the migration to a new solar system so they can remain the only group there reaping all the rewards
  12. namco

    Raming ship

    No reason it can't be done in the future. Ramming would also damage your own ship and cause you unnecessary repairs. Sure, a troll or two might do it, but you will have trolls no matter what features are/aren't in the game. They may not be focusing on it now, but they will have to in the future. I imagine having "breaching pods" for bigger ships, where the pod is shot at a ship, pierces the hull, and then opens its doors inside causing it to get "stuck" onto the hull. then a boarding party could raid the ship on the inside instead of just blowing it up, do some kind of hacking to make the ship theirs (all part of the programming and maybe requires a mini game of XXX difficulty to execute, or whatever way of going about doing it.) and bam, pirates are born. There is no reason in my mind to rule out any feature just because "trolls will overuse ramming ships". That's just ridiculous. I can right now think of 5 ways to troll people right now and the game isn't even out yet and I am not a paid supporter yet so i haven't played the pre alpha. Should we stop other things just because of trolls? I think not. Its human nature. Ignoring human nature in a game about human nature is just wrong to me.... maybe they said "no" because they are focusing on more important things right now. There is honestly no good reason to ignore it in the future..... EDIT: someone ramming their ship, killing themselves and destroying their ship, just to disable yours or kill you, is no different than sending in a small team of ships to fight one larger ship, then after its damaged a bit, sending in more to finish the job.....
  13. I didn't read all the comments. However, the argument of "it can't be done" it can. Just because you have different pieces, don't mean they have to code all that in. They could easily a sub system that is like a crafting menu. You open the menu, plug in the components, and then the machine will spit out a part you can place on your ship using a known design. And of course, you can color everything, so that's not an issue. This would simplify said creation while still being rather complex for the gamer. As I always say, the more work devs do, the less we have to do in the game to enjoy it. Lazy dev's will put the load onto the player, similar to Space Engineers and Empyrion (yeah I went there and I am calling them out for being lazy) which also increase learning curve and the game no longer is intuitive to play. Twin Barrel made from XXX Material = 20 accuracy bonus Core Firing Mechanism made from XXX Material = 10 speed bonus Power Unit made from XXX material and uses (energy, chemical) for power = 30 bonus damage 45 Degree base made from XXX material = 45 degree turret movement would make one turret, the materials used make up its both the main stats and its overall health before its disabled or destroyed. similar looks to most other turrets, but has its own stats. this way they only need (technically, but hopefully not) one 3d model (much like the pre-made cockpit model we've already seen in videos) and you simply place it onto your ship. you can only place one because you only made one. same goes for any crafting where you need the material to place. This way, you can have custom weapons without the need to complicate things in an unnecessary way. but of course this is just my opinion. I imagine making a rail gun. one really long barrel made of some stupid heavy composite/alloy metal. the main power source is electricity, so you would need some kind of battery to power it, and a way to recharge said battery. then you have the rail ammo slugs, made from some hard metal. then the base-plate that is made from the same material as the barrel. the housing for the electrical parts and firing mech too. it has a really slow recharge rate to build up said energy to fire, but does massive damage. all made in a smaller crafting menu and spitting out a generic looking 3d model that you can place on your ship.it just works....
  14. namco

    Raming ship

    I keep seeing a lot of "can't be done, server load too much" kind of replies in a lot of threads. But in this thread, I will post a little FAQ for you guys. First off, game server, I would say 80% of today's games still run on single core servers. Meaning if you have an 8 core processor, you can run 8 servers on one machine (given you have the memory, hard-drive space, and network bandwidth to handle it). 15% of games run on dual core machines. And 4% run on four cores. A whopping 1% uses 6 or more cores. Its not much. So, "what does this mean you might ask." Me personally, the devs seem to know what they are doing. Their shard system is vastly different than any current MMORPG and as they said, will ensure 1000's of players in one area no issue because of how the shards will split the load. But, I also keep hearing "can't be done, too much server load". Well, with such brilliant programming, you can spread the load per core. Lest I remind you there are 32 core 64 thread server cpu's on the market now which very high core speeds compared to many older server chips.... If the developers load their game up with massive cpu's that can handle more, and have the proper code to follow suit on the server end, the possibilities are limitless. 10 years ago, yeah I would agree, it can't be done. Just for an example, one server can have two cpu's, 64 cores, 128 threads, 2-4TB of memory (yes, TB, compared to desktops with 1-32gb), throw in an optical network solution that connects to a business optical solution, you could have seemingly limitless bandwidth. YES, I understand all of this costs money. But, at our great elders have said, you have to spend money to make money..... Now if they can spread server load, and have separate cores handle separate things, you can potentially handle very large amounts of load absolutely no issue. Now we all know that graphics cards handle physics better than typical cpu's, this is FACT. So, in this regard, get the smaller dual socket boards that have multiple pci-e ports. Have a gpu in every port and write the server code to use the gpu's similar to bit coin mining, ie you aren't render graphics, you are running raw code which is handled completely differently. FROM ALL THIS, anything is possible, its just down to the developers to do it Sure, there is the idea that "right now" it would be an issue, but they can iron all these out as they progress in development. It just takes a keen eye and a brilliant mind to show them the path, and they already have brilliant minds that can code and take advantage of it.... Honestly, I hope they see this post and go "holy crap, its doable". I know it is, and now they can too. Its just up to them to code, which I can admit, is hard, as I can't code at all, tried to learn both c++ and python, always get stuck and dunno how to move forward, coding isn't my forte, but solving puzzles and coming up with great idea's, is my forte, hence why I am a mechanic by trade, I follow technology closely in terms of hardware, and I even studied some law. I have absolute faith that the devs can handle the task of pushing their tech even further to give us a truly amazing world to play in.
  15. I can see this being a thing. It would be cool to have a blue tint on all my ships as per my personal preference, and all of my blueprints will come with blue tinted windows. I think it would be cool to also have that little strip at the top as a throwback to "cars" when we put that 5" tint strip on the front windshield. I say anything should be possible as long as players like it, I don't see a reason why players wouldn't want to tint their windows. Basic windows being clear, and then maybe a black tint for those that want stealth ships as it will help hide your interior light shining out into space. I say at some point, should definitely be an element in the game. As far as snapping and making bigger windows, I don't agree. Think of what it takes to make glass. Making a giant piece would not only be costly, but keeping it intact would be hard. I get that this game is "the future" and not "real life simulator" but there would have to be supports and such added which may ruin the "giant glass" ideal. Maybe they can have preset sizes and the better you get at making glass, the bigger you can make them....
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