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  1. If I wasn’t in DSI leadership I’d totally apply for Design Academy. I hope the best ODY!!
  2. The following are custom Dual Universe Wallpapers I made a few months back, I posted in the discord a few times but here they are in the forums to add to this collection.
  3. Id like to also submit one for "Nova Tech" They are a new group whom I recently did banners for. But the DU website won't let me upload any more images
  4. Oh wow amazing work Geo, lol Gravetender showed me your work and I was in awe then I happened to see you again on Twitter, now I'm curious to see what you can do with this. Love your craft so far, I hope you wouldn't mind me picking your brain for some pointers maybe?
  5. Update on this Project: Due to many irl issues popping up I apologize for not uploading chapter 2-4 but please bare with me here as this will be delayed. Good news however this project is now going to be taken to a grander scale. With the help of a team of voice actors, a musical artist, and a few others we plan on expanding this to an animated short similar to the HALO animated graphic novel shorts. See example attached: In the meantime please feel free to ask any questions and or offer any help if you have any of the above talents and would like to contribute. Thanks, Firestorm
  6. i know this is an old thread but im curious about what your take would be on one from a DSI member such as myself?
  7. As a fellow artist id like to pick your brain a little on your process. more specifically the programs used for the logo fade in and bob.
  8. We indeed marketed ourselves that way on purpose, while we are very militaristic in nature we still wanna put a fun twist on what we do and our overall theme. So you will see a nod to a few favorite Scifi favorites of ours like Killzone as you have noticed. Another would be the Federation from Starship Troopers, the Empire from Star Wars or the UNSC from Halo among others. The overall theme is very 1940's Germany but only in artistic taste not in action. We are an org founded and ran by active and retired military members and have a go get em mentality as well as a we got your back no matter what stance when it comes to our members. We are striving to make sure we stand out from all the other orgs out there and are Unique in our own way. We've actually taken notice of new orgs popping up or existing ones now imitating us in one way or another. Its flattering but best part is its keeping us on our toes. Thank you for your words of support. Please stop by and say hello if you haven't already.
  9. Tbh sometimes when I’m having a hard time for inspiration I’ll just close my eyes and scribble randomly on paper for about 1min. Then I’ll open my eyes and just really look it over for a little while. Doing this can produce some interesting shapes and once I find something I like I’ll start to work with it from there then I Just keep adding on to it.
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