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  1. But... you are... maybe not with the bot, but anyone can get the data. Regards, Sahdow
  2. This probably also have very hard legal and laundering constraints. Regards, Shadow
  3. Technically, a bot can connect to your Discord server and compare users ID and groups. So, all information is already "public". GDPR does not apply to a person (assuming the Discord management is not considered an "organization", I didn't check the GDPR definition and all its local adaptations), Local legislation does apply though, and sharing personal information without consent is illegal in several EU countries. In theory, you should inform any player of the implications before they register (if they process, they consent). On the development side, I would start by publishing a list of { discord_id, name, pledge_level } on an API. - The bot is just sugar on top of it and can be open sourced. - If someone wants to code his/her own bot, he/she can do so too. @DarkHorizon from an organization perspective, users may not like to give their info to an external Discord, be it the Discord community one. Regards, Shadow
  4. See https://letsencrypt.org (and you can also check caddy proxy which is so easy to setup a transparent HTTPS proxy). As long as the certificate is recognized by your browser, 99.99% of the visitors won't care if your certificate comes from comodo, symantec, let's encrypt, or whatever (and I actually take let's encrypt more seriously than some "recognized", paying, authorities). Regards, Shadow
  5. Hi Lockethot, Having a website on https doesn't mean it is legit. But you should try to ping @Code_24 ;). Regards, Shadow
  6. You could also say that it is the Earth and use one yellow star ;). Regards, Shadow
  7. Using IDs to identify someone is not really user friendly. I don't think anyone will look at them. Also, players can already chose their name on both sites. If they want to be recognized, it's easy to do. So I don't see any problem here ? Edit: security-wise, the ID is not that important and there is nearly always a way to get it anyway. Regards, Shadow
  8. Don't forget large scale PvP which only EvE provides at the moment. Jokes aside, DU may launch before Star Citizen too. Regards, Shadow
  9. I'm in favor of allowing earlier backers to take a supporter pack, even at full price if needed. Currently, bronze and silver backers have no option to back the game again without splitting into two accounts. Also, several backers (including myself) have expressed the will to get the few exclusive rewards of the supporter packs (esp. the T-Shirt it seams) and/or further support NQ. Regards, Shadow
  10. Shadowplay has the advantage to use less processing for the same quality level, but it lacks several OBS functionalities. All in all, I found that I prefer OBS, because Shadowplay was not working on some situations, but raw quality would be better with Shadowplay. Regards, Shadow
  11. Shadow

    In-game voice.

    Killing will surely move him/her to the nearest resurrection node. Regards, Shadow
  12. While the idea is interesting, it is too easy to bypass the bonus/malus by just logging another account, and you will never be able to track it. So it probably means a lot of developments (concepts + implementation) for no real gain. Regards, Shadow
  13. Shadow

    In-game voice.

    EvE does have voice and allow you to mute people. But still, the use case is so low that they have decided to remove the functionality. Try to mute all spammers in Jita local, it's a lot easier to just hide the chan ;). Regards, Shadow
  14. The contrary would be strange. If I remember correctly, NQ stated a few times that they want a game for dedicated and casual players (see skill training and protection mechanisms for examples). For me, organizations will be an easy way for casual players especially. A bit like EvE blue donuts: "log in whenever you want, we have a fight ready for you" is their MOTO. Regards, Shadow
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