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    Noddles got a reaction from xlDvSlx in Pay To Win?   
    This thread is a top tier shit show that I nearly had a stroke reading, but Ill throw my hat in because I have nothing better to do on a sunday.
    Lets say I drop N amount of dollars on a DAC. Lets assume I bought this DAC for the sole purpose of putting it on the open market. We will also assume I was smart and bought it on an account that had an avatar directly next to a public market terminal. I will sell this DAC for some amount of quanta that has been determined by the market. Now I can buy materials or components or whatever suits me. 
    All I have done is buy some components. Yes I skipped the couple hours of mining to do this, but I all I have is components. I still have to build the ship, fly the ship, and get the ship out of a safe zone and into friendly territory all without losing it. I haven't gained that much advantage really. And at least I will have contributed something to the community. If all you do is market trade for 6 hours a day to gain quanta, you will have actually contributed less to the community than someone selling a DAC.
    I now you're going to ignore all of that and say I'm a blind sheep, but I tried. Also please stop posting from two accounts. Its a cancer and might not look great to mods. 
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    Noddles reacted to [BOO] Sylva in DU Memeserver is looking for more salt   
    The DU Memeserver is looking for more salt and memes. 
    Want to talk about PvP? Beacons? Talk smack to your rivals? Cry salty tears over your friend who betrayed you? Look no further!

    If you are 18+ and looking for a group of people to talk shit with and get mired in eyeballs-deep org political shittalking, this is the place!
    We are 100% unaffiliated with NQ or DU official, just a discord server dedicated to Dual Universe org politics. 
    You do not need to have the game to join, but you will definitely get more out of this server if you have it. 

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    Noddles reacted to Cybrex in BOO - Band of Outlaws Recruitment   
    Check out this cool video one of our members put together. 
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