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  1. This thread is a top tier shit show that I nearly had a stroke reading, but Ill throw my hat in because I have nothing better to do on a sunday. Lets say I drop N amount of dollars on a DAC. Lets assume I bought this DAC for the sole purpose of putting it on the open market. We will also assume I was smart and bought it on an account that had an avatar directly next to a public market terminal. I will sell this DAC for some amount of quanta that has been determined by the market. Now I can buy materials or components or whatever suits me. All I have done is buy some components. Yes I skipped the couple hours of mining to do this, but I all I have is components. I still have to build the ship, fly the ship, and get the ship out of a safe zone and into friendly territory all without losing it. I haven't gained that much advantage really. And at least I will have contributed something to the community. If all you do is market trade for 6 hours a day to gain quanta, you will have actually contributed less to the community than someone selling a DAC. I now you're going to ignore all of that and say I'm a blind sheep, but I tried. Also please stop posting from two accounts. Its a cancer and might not look great to mods.
  2. I'd like to attend the Alioth Aerospace Expo

  3. I just wanted to introduce myself now that Alpha 2 might be on the horizon. Originally I played a lot of Command and Conquer games (explains the name and profile), although a lot of that was specifically on Renegade oddly enough. I have been following DU for close to a year now and am excited to get in and start having a go with it. Outside of this game I'm working on an engineering degree. Thanks
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