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  1. I don't intend to quit the game, but one of the things that has bothered me since I started the game is NQ basically ignoring the playerbase when we explain how mechanics will be used and then implementing shoddy fixes. This happened with PvP, market bots and territory units just to name a few. If you could still see the alpha forums you would see players laying out the problems weeks before the implementation.
  2. It is worth noting that NQ has pretty much said that anything planet related hes been shoved to post release.
  3. You actually can. Most modern aircraft do it with some accuracy. It gets even easier once youve been locked. Its not that far of a jump to assume 200 years in the future we've gotten slightly better at understanding radiowaves. Not to mention we're in space. There's a lot less background noise in space than there would be in atmosphere.
  4. To be fair there is some realism to this. If you're own systems are sending out a lot of energy trying to find objects, an opposing craft could easily lock onto that.
  5. I think he has some big conspiracy that the top orgs are run by NQ or some shit.
  6. If it makes you feel better, NQ has always been blind to how the game is played. That and they seem to make the willful choice to ignore their playerbase when we bring up valid points about how future features will be abused. The fact that you need a TCU to place statics is directly related to events that happened in Alpha. When we all saw the stats for weapons every active pvp org told NQ exactly what the meta would be. In the end we were correct. NQ does not play their own game enough and that has been evident for years.
  7. Drag is bad and you want that number to be as small as possible. My guess from a real life perspective is that the given angle is the angle of attack where you get the highest ratio of lift coefficient to drag coefficient. Typically thats displayed on a graph and is unitless, but thatd still be my best assumption for this. I think eruend has closest idea of what it is saying. Just with the opposite idea on drag. The game obviously does not perfectly calculate what happens with lift and drag forces but it does okay.
  8. Assuming its on the same static core, you can simply use the move element tool in the build menu. Itll keep all the links intact. If you're moving it to a different core or a bigger one you'll have to take it down and manually redeploy it.
  9. The problem I have with NQs approach to indy balance is that they cant seem to decide if they want us to be able to do it quickly or not. We went through alpha where we told them "hey indy and mining are too slow for it to ever be able to provide for the majority of the playerbase." This led to us getting the mining changes, crafting changes, and more crafting skills. Now it seems NQ believes industry is too easy and too fast. Granted this ignores that for the first week or so you were able to still sell high tier ore to bots and buy loads of industry. Would we still see the massive indy setups even without that? Probably. But this is what NQ should want. They should want some players or orgs to have very large scale setups so that they provide for the other players. To their actual planned changes, they exist as speed bumps and not actual nerfs. Assuming they dont do anything crazy like require 1 generator per 5 metalworks, there's no deterrent to just building more power generation. Especially if they allow some form of passive generation from solar panels or wind turbines. The buying crafting recipes thing is just another quanta sink that frankly we don't need. Why not make an actual research gameplay element or at the very least tie it to the production itself. Want to make T2 recipes? Make a lot of T1 parts so that your character starts to learn how to make things better. That is quite literally how things work in real life. A lot of this stems back to the game needing more quanta faucets that arent tied to industry or to mining. Everything in the game stems from mining right now and it hurts the game as much now as it did a year ago.
  10. If it makes you feel better NQ/JC confirmed interdiction and tractor beams a long time ago.
  11. You can also claim a tile with ships in it. This gives you maneuver rights to the constructs allowing you to dock the opposing ships to your own.
  12. Gonna need you to calm down. But you do realize EVE has been out for 10 years and was indev before that? DU just got out of Alpha and has at least reached some stability in what has been a rough beta. We still only have like a quarter of the features we're supposed to have. Theres no need to come here wifh that energy when the game isnt close to done yet. I promise that there is a shit ton of interorg politics happening at every level right now. The game is very much alive for a lot of people.
  13. Might just want to step out now then. JC has been very open about his desire to see pirates flourish. NQ contains several former EVE devs. The game is full of hundreds of current and former EVE players. I think its also worth pointing out that the majority of the top 10 orgs exist for pvp. BOOs driving goal is to fight and to take people's stuff. The AC wants to do the same thing. At the end of the day you should be hoping for systems that give pvp more depth. Even if it doesn't encourage more people to pvp, maybe itll make people feel slightly less cheated when they get ganked.
  14. There are two solutions that could fix most of the current meta. 1) Restrict weapon size by core. This is kind of arbitrary and doesn't make for fun gameplay. 2) Actually implement power as a requirement. This means requiring weapons, engines, radars and future shields to have power. The power draw of large elements has to be high enough that it would be nearly impossible to have an XS core do everything without giving up something.
  15. 1) You can lock to any planetary body. 2) You can use them on any size ship. 3) Mass(Tons)*Distance(SU)*0.00023
  16. This thread is a top tier shit show that I nearly had a stroke reading, but Ill throw my hat in because I have nothing better to do on a sunday. Lets say I drop N amount of dollars on a DAC. Lets assume I bought this DAC for the sole purpose of putting it on the open market. We will also assume I was smart and bought it on an account that had an avatar directly next to a public market terminal. I will sell this DAC for some amount of quanta that has been determined by the market. Now I can buy materials or components or whatever suits me. All I have done is buy some components. Yes I skipped the couple hours of mining to do this, but I all I have is components. I still have to build the ship, fly the ship, and get the ship out of a safe zone and into friendly territory all without losing it. I haven't gained that much advantage really. And at least I will have contributed something to the community. If all you do is market trade for 6 hours a day to gain quanta, you will have actually contributed less to the community than someone selling a DAC. I now you're going to ignore all of that and say I'm a blind sheep, but I tried. Also please stop posting from two accounts. Its a cancer and might not look great to mods.
  17. I'd like to attend the Alioth Aerospace Expo

  18. I just wanted to introduce myself now that Alpha 2 might be on the horizon. Originally I played a lot of Command and Conquer games (explains the name and profile), although a lot of that was specifically on Renegade oddly enough. I have been following DU for close to a year now and am excited to get in and start having a go with it. Outside of this game I'm working on an engineering degree. Thanks
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