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  1. they said they won't update the devblog any longer but make more videos.
  2. so you are all from the land Where women glow and men plunder?
  3. I would go with something classy like a Stratios. A good design for an exploration / research ship.
  4. discordauth:VziTjfwEOsJTYURpea_ReNJXyOdxS735bMVRzcs40VY=

  5. well, when you own a degree from 'polytechnique' in computer science and theorical physics, followed by a PhD in artificial Intelligence and Robotics helps a little... Beside they don't have the PR and Marketing pressures from big companies that lead to crippled games more than often.
  6. And a pretty interesting bounty system according JC...
  7. There is another thing that Mae DU different from Eve beside that everything will have a cost, either financial and/or men and ressources. We will need to explore the universe and creating trade routes, business hub like JITA and that create some interesting game mechanic like that: Your corpo found an interesting system and decided to open a trade route by installing a Stargate between that said system and Alioth's system. Your interest will be to secure those gates because you can collect a traveling fees, and if you failed to protect your customers, sooner or later another org will open a gate with stronger protections and more services like escorts, insurances and whatnot... Thinking of it, we already went there in the XVI-XVII centuries when the major European powers sent ships everywhere to open and secure trades routes from/to Africa, India, Asia and such and it was fair game for those companies to 'reduce' their competitors by any means. And remember, a war is won with money, not men... Namaste
  8. Corpo like Goons will have a very fast reality checks for 2 reasons already mentioned heres and there : Finites ressources that need time and skills to be found. No overpowered aka scripted mining equipments whatsoever. Manly operated ships (space and atmospheric) will need real crews to operate weaponries. And some interesting basic mechanic not allowed to talk here that will make ganking really a challenge. In short building a fleet of catalyst will be extremely costly in time, ressources and men to operate. I won't even mention Capitals war-fleet.. Another side note, JC is/was an Eve player and knows very well how ganking could destroy an early game very quickly.
  9. JC explained the gates system should be something like you described in one of those 2016 interviews with gamers, notably one Eve youtuber.
  10. I suppose it will be done as the game relay on markets.
  11. Once upon a time in a universe called Multima, ecology was a big part of the system. A brand new universe filled with criters, a flock of players, what could possibly goes wrong ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KFNxJVTJleE Even internal testing couldn't figured that... enjoys
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