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  1. I should start off by saying, this is specifically for the devs & NQ. I'm not trolling anyone on the thread, nor demeaning anyone else. I have tried defending most of the updates, even ones I didn't personally like, because the game is in beta, and there is still soooo much to do before it's released. But the schematic thing is complete bullshit. "That's not how the game is suppose to be played" is a cop-out answer. At least have the common decency to tell the truth and say "we don't care what ppl want, we already got your money, we want this so this is what we're doing...deal with it or f*ck off. We don't care either way." The biggest draw to this game was I could build anything I wanted. I could do anything I wanted. As long as I could imagine it, and I put in the work to get it, I could accomplish it. With or without a group to play with. There were obvious, and large, advantages to playing with a group, but it wasn't necessary to enjoy the game, or to accomplish things. But this latest change, this is the last kick in the juju bees I'm willing to take without voicing my displeasure. And there is no defense for this. There was nothing in the fund raising that said anything about this game being another version of Eve. If I wanted to play Eve, I'd renew my sub and go play. This had sooo much more potential. Me and my group of friends played for 2 yrs, and we still hadn't got a lot of things that we wanted, and hadn't done a lot of things we wanted to do simply because of the time involved in going out to get the materials, refining, skills, etc.....,we do after all have some semblance of a life. But we were still having fun. We were a small group, less than 1/2 a dozen, that played well together, were able to coordinate and accomplish a lot. We could keep relative pace even with the larger orgs. But with this, there's absolutely no point in even logging on. We can't do anything. Go mine, sell it to bots to purchase schems so we can go mine so we can refine so we can sell, so we can mine, so we can refine, then build. Gee...that sounds like FUN! The point is to get together, work for a common goal, ie build a specific ship, building, etc..., and enjoy doing it because we could see progress and the results of our time and effort. Now it's just a grind fest. I understand wanting people to work together. i get it...MMorpg does start with multi-player. However, there are much better ways to encourage it than this abomination. The players seemed to be pretty involved and working together well before this non-sense. The dev's want to slow things down? News flash, it taking months upon months of mining, crafting, planning, and working to complete ONE build is plenty 'long' enough. I even encourage the intricate crafting system. I love that part. The better you are, the more resilient, the more of a product, the less materials consumed or the better a product should turn out. So I don't even have issues with that. But again, making me buy a schem to be able to make it is inane. You don't like the pace at which large orgs were progressing, then do something that would limit them. Not the community as a whole. People will always figure out a way around your idiotic, artificial time sinks. They have hundreds of players to harvest $ from so they can purchase w/e you have set up to try and 'slow' down progress. You still haven't slowed down anything, all you've done is make it impossible for smaller orgs, or small groups of players playing together to be able to do anything except mine. So effectively you've turned all of us into mining slaves for the large orgs. Nice job. If you had put this crap in your fund-raising efforts, instead of the promise to be able to build anything we can imagine, I would never have put out the money to support the game. But since I did, I get to bitch about it on the forums. For all the good it will do.
  2. This patch seems to be perfectly in line with most of the others that have come out over the months. Some of the changes are good, or at least expected and understandable, (elements that need to be replaced occasionally, alt f4, & man. tool), however, the problem is that there are some serious bugs that are still in the game that make some of those 'outs' necessary (alt f4) like that bug where an adjuster gets stuck on and sends a ship into a spin, or brakes not working responding. But quit frankly, most of the changes just suck. However, regardless, even with the changes that are good &/or expected, JC just can't seem to resist throwing in a kick to the giblets. The changes to industry will be a deal killer to a lot of people. PvP isn't the reason I played this game. I got into it to build/create things. And part of that was the industries, factories, etc. I don't mind the mining, it's not my fav activity, but it has to be done and I don't mind, although going out to find t4 & t5 now is like finding a virgin in a whorehouse. But the creation of factories, ship design, etc. was what I enjoyed in the game. Now you change it and tell me I have to have schems, and billions of credits on a market that may or may not work. Quit honestly, if I wanted to play Eve, I would renew my sub and play Eve. I don't want to be required to go mine up insane amounts of ore just to turn around and sell it to a bot or someone who will give a 1/10 of value just to turn around and use that money to purchase materials to build buildings or ships. I want to be able to go out, mine, work, design, and create those myself. There are a lot of people out there that detest mining, but enjoy building. They hate building factories, but they enjoy mining or combat/flying. There are players that love to fly but don't like building/designing ships. Let the markets work based on that. /my2cents
  3. So what your asking is for NQ to force players to build ships & ship designs that you approve of, that you deem worthy, and that you feel has had enough thought, prep, and innovation put in it that it's up to your high, impeccable, & un-erring build status, that everyone else in DU must measure up to. And through game mechanics, you want NQ to restrict anything that may result in a ship design that is unworthy or beneath your high standards? That sounds like a wonderful idea to. Forcing a player base or population into doing things always brings out the best in them, encourages innovation, and lets design & imagination explode. Excellent idea!
  4. Just saying Hi & I really hope this ends up to be as much fun as it looks.
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