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  1. Sorry to open such an old topic, but I like https://codeblock.at/en/2018/01/javascript-synthesizer-mit-p5-sound-js/ Maybe something like this yet you put your MIDI code, etc. inside the LUA interface
  2. Well that's all nice and good, so you know something. Others don't is my point
  3. So if this has been known for this amount of time, why then does the main website have no mention of it until now. Not all of us have known about the kickstarter and been "that" early group. Besides, taking a look at the image used in the YouTube video, (Total Talent Points used, divided into the time pts allocated at the top) you would need 3.97830815018315 years to gain those points to allocate. Sounds like EvE, and you login, select a skill, wait 4 years and unlock a base skill. BORING. Eve is like facepalm games, a time sink and boring as hell. Now change it to a dynamic "work-up skill-system" that you earn as you use makes more sense. I'm disappointed that they're simply copy/paste EvE plagiarising
  4. Makes me wonder why the "Hamburger Dropdown" doesn't include the link to Server Status after you've logged in....
  5. G'day all, my name is Shealladh and signing in for the first time. I hail from under the Earth in a spot call Melborn (Melbourne for aussies), still yet to decide which starter pack (missed the KickStarter and a late bloomer) to get me started, but must say looking good so far. Cannot wait to see who and what everyone is doing in game. I'm an older crankey sob and love doing things in groups and letting the creative things loose. Until we meet, stay safe
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