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  1. yeah, time consuming when you have a large queue and you need to move 30 talents to the top, plus multiple characters just asking for a tool to make the mundane a bit less so
  2. This was much needed, thank you. Every time you guys change the talents around, I have to re-organize my queue and I don't want to start over every time. The clear button is nice, but can we have the ability to right click on a queued talent and move to top/bottom? that way I can quickly move things around as needed Thanks!
  3. This, badly this, please, please give us the abililty to tear down into a linked container, and to stop the pvp exploits, just allow us to do it in safe zone Hundreds of cores I must disassemble...
  4. NQ limited the core counts for a reason a few patches back, I understand that and we adapted. Now you are going to cut it by 10 fold and there is no easy way to adapt to this unless we just start all over. The best / easiest way to fix the issue with number of cores is to go with your original thoughts. Limit number of orgs a single toon can be a super legate of, and just turn off any ability to nest. I realize this will hurt a lot of large orgs, but it would create a limit and stop the talents of a single toon in maxing out multiple orgs. Simply turn off the nesting and limit a toon to being a super legate of one org.
  5. In any online game, and even some offline, there are always a vocal minority in forums, discord, etc. NQ, please, do not just listen to them, and hope you aren't. The recent reversals of decisions that were given, and then changed, indicate that you are indeed listening to these people. You have a survey system built into the game, expand it and start using it for active players. You have many players that do not watch discord, or not often, and same with the forums. part of the problem is that some announcements are only done in one place or the other, and not listed on the launcher. Please start putting all announcements on the launcher, and use the survey system to gauge what the player base wants. Thanks
  6. Large number of territories in your list causes the map to load slowly, probably a DB access issue as every territory has distance and quanta levels to display. If you try to load the map as Warp travel is braking, the lag will cause the client not to brake to 0 and you will exit Warp at a speed, usually while aimed at a planet. MU Calibrations are flooding the org logs and causing important data to be flushed due to log sizes. Still would like to see an export option for things like dispenser logs. Thought I had more in my list, but recent patches had resolved it
  7. NQ, after a couple of weeks of doing the calibration game to keep our MU's running, a feature request, ability to pause MU's and calibration decay. We all have real lives, and this game in it's current state will not allow us to take a break. Holidays, work, etc will cause people to not be able to login daily. If we had a way to pause the decay, it would be a great benefit. Tie it into the MU running or not, if we stop the MU, the ore stops, and the calibration decay stops. Of course, as long as we have money in the tile, it won't go inactive. If I have to take a few days off, I'm basically going to have to start all over getting the calibration back up to 100%, so we are penalized for a break, even a small one. Please consider this as an important QOL update. Also, some form of MU dashboard would be super groovy. List of MU's, calibration status, date of last calibration, etc. Thank you
  8. Thanks for doing the Q&A in discord, it was too short though and you guys were picking and choosing too many questions. A couple you missed: How closely is NQ monitoring the game in regards to the tiles claimed, hotsots and distribution of the ores? Are you concerned at all that most of the valuable hotspots are already claimed and future players will not have a chance or own a tile that is worth much, especially if they want to start up industry. Think 3 months, 3 years, etc. As ore prices drop, we have the bots at 25q, but this used to be 12.5q, and even that is a finite amount, once the bots are cleared out, ore can, and has, fallen to abysmal prices. Lastly, on the Mining Units, can we get a status screen, showing a list of all MUs that we have, time of last calibration, etc. No one really likes playing spreadsheet simulator except accountants, and I don't even play one of those on TV, but it's a necessary evil right now. Thanks again
  9. We need some Quality of Life tweaks for several of the UI. Is this on the roadmap anywhere? A big one for me and it's a general use case, why was the right ctrl key not used on US Ansi keyboards? Can this be added? Map Screen Map screen has several draw backs. It's very slow when you have a lot of territories and constructs, taking up to 10 seconds sometimes to load. When clicking on an owned territory, the Owners name is cut off, you already have that window set to scroll, please put in a wrap-around to display the full name. Searching? Would be a huge boon in the Map screen. Remember a previous selection, like if you have scan results shown, go back to that if possible. Allow scan results to be layered on display along with other tiles, they are a unique color, but allow us to show both owned tiles and scan results please. Filtering? Even just using the drop down at the bottom right for the Org, allowing us to only display territories for the org that is picked would help. Constructs, give us the ability to filter on one type. Mining Unit Calibration Show us our total calibrations available without having to go to a MU please. When calibrating multiple MU's, it's hard to keep up with the bonus harvest ore and easy to forget. If it's dark or under water, very hard to find by looking. Log that info for us please as a QoL improvement, a notification or just a log drop down similar to the org wallet transaction log. not really MU, but related, once you go harvest the bonus rocks, they are named differently than the others, Aluminium vs Bauxite like the 20L ones. RDMS Screen In the RDMS screen, again, names are cut off for orgs. Why is the org list randomized? Let us search/sort please. Allow searching of a TAG, drop downs are only good for a short list. Name sort seems to be buggy, sometimes it works, but most of the time, it seems to sort based on a group based on age and I cannot get several orgs to sort correctly. Thanks!
  10. This change to the large air brakes doesn't make ay sense to me at all. We have a "magic" AGG, we have a warp drive that is "magic". Many things in this game have no basis in reality. Why are the game designers forcing us to put an ugly element on the outside of our ships? What is the benefit or upside to it? Forcing us to make a major change like this to almost every ship in the game is absurd.' We have a lot of major changes coming to the game in Demeter, this will just frustrate players, why do it at all?
  11. I realize this is about the org wallet, but am I to understand we'll be getting logs for our personal transactions now as well, it's not clear, but would be nice. Also, when we are talking about logging, how about some logging for our dispensers too please, help us sell more and give more control over that :)
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