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  1. Hello NQ, i looked with update Ares for the issue, normaly SHADOW will have 12GB of Memory, there is about 5-7GB used as cached memory DU crashed multiple times with different settings between 67% and 84% so i would like to free up this unused memory, so i "hit" muliple times the FREE MEMORY button of WISE MEMORY OPTIMIZER and finally i got it, till 100% of loading screen unfortunaly it crashed... for now i give up 2options: SHADOW will solve the issue with this memory leak, and/or NQ will solve the issue with cached voxels, because, after CRASH and End of DU there are still different "files" in Voxel.db
  2. i will only log in to gain money till NQ will do changes to reset prices for shematics it is the worst update since i play the beta, how to gain money? everyone has set up his factory so everyone will buy the shematics but no one really buy on the market... why i have to fly to a market for a blueprint is there no way to get the shematics via mail? i should fly 1su to a market to buy it there because it is only available on district? it make no sense... Very bad
  3. das schlechteste update, völlig sinnfrei und preise völlig überzogen für die shemas
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