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  1. well i was more thinking about a city made by NQ with Blueprints from Pre Release Builds..
  2. of course i do understand that things will change. Tho to the extent it is possible to do this ___________________________________________ Alpha City Big City with buildings from the time before Release, Submit buildings, All the way to release. Let people vote for buildings to be added. The Community take care of what gets to be in The Alpha City? Let the buildings from the people before the release be remembered forever The Alpha City, The 1st City
  3. discordauth:HpDpU-GzRuPVra-7LBapJqKAn1ePA35qPTa3cjxgllw=

  4. discordauth:HpDpU-GzRuPVra-7LBapJqKAn1ePA35qPTa3cjxgllw=

  5. discordauth:HpDpU-GzRuPVra-7LBapJqKAn1ePA35qPTa3cjxgllw=

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