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  1. Hey Sabre ! Neighbour ( in the belts ), nice to see you are still alive ! My customer support ticket just went through, to delete forcefully my account and all my personal data. I had enough of this abusive relationship, just as you described it. No need to waste any more of my life time with this bullshit. Feel much better now. Greetings
  2. It looks like NQ has filed some patents for their "game engine". These patents deal with spatial subdivision combined with object subscription techniques. I read those patents, and they seem awkwardly generic. Basically every 3d onlinegame could / should use those things. Yet, the patents were granted. So maybee, the point of the NQ business is not to run an online game at all ...
  3. There is a behavioral pattern emerging in this world : a few envy driven moralists are allowed to ruin the fun for everyone. Now it is affecting even games.
  4. I tried to submit several bug tickets. They more or less rejected them, closed them, although I was clearly pointing out bugs that need to be fixed. Like the "gray" screens bug. We had that one during the beta, and it is back. Looks like there is one guy who's job is to simply close bug tickets. No dev team available that really looks into something. Support feels strange these days...
  5. Are you guys ( and girls of course ) asking for consistency ? Seriously ? Are you asking for stuff that makes sense ? Wrong game ...
  6. They are already snapping together. Tried that yesterday. I put down two mining outposts next to each other. And when you align the borders , then suddenly they snap perfectly together. The mechanism works differently than expected. Its not like you can place one construct on top of the other and then move with cursor keys. No. Instead you have to carefully align the borders manually, and when they are close, they snap.
  7. Trying the steam democlient, I found something that is highly annoying: At least the nanocrafter seems to run on the client side. When the player logs out with a long jobqeue in the nanocrafter, the material is NOT passed on anymore to a waiting industry. Only when the player logs in again, then the nanocrafter output is flushed, and the waiting industry starts producing. Has it always been like this, or did they "optimize" something ? A similar problem exists now, when using nanocrafter and beeing in VR. upon leaving the VR, the nanocrafter output is flushed immediately, but the linked container is not ready. Therefore typically the nanocrafter jobqeue is stalled because of missing components, and the time the player spent in VR is lost. Are these bugs new ?
  8. Floating point numbers are tricky. In your example, you only look at a very small area and assume, that the origin of the "universe" is very near. so you wonder, isn't that resolution overkill ? And in fact, for the sole purpose of rendering, when the origin is close by, single resolution floats are the optimal choice. Thats why all rendering piplines know to man are using 4 byte floats. BUT: Dual universe is a space game. And space is fu.ck.ing unbelievable huge. Single resolution floats are just not good enough for that. A 4 byte floats value part has around 23 bits. Divide the size of the universe by that number. Those steps are huge. And you dont want your ship to jump around in 10000 meter steps. You want it to glide smoothly and express all positions with millimeter accuracy. And thats the simple reason why you need double precision floats. And even with these big numbers, you would typically create a position tree to avoid absolute positions as much as possible (one object's position is always described as relative to a parents position, like the next planet or star). Just DU the math.
  9. I was just trying to convince a friend to play this game with me. Thank you for this information. Of course I will not drag him into this hot mess.
  10. Hey guys, there is a misconception here. Stuff like AvA can not be "added" to the game. AvA requires a centralized server architecture that makes strategic decisions, like who shot whoom nearly in realtime. Comparable systems in E-Sports are usually very streamlined and limited to very few players. The DU infrastructure is completely different. It uses the clients workstation for all physics / collision simulations, and uses the server only for data storage. The server itself is programmed in a very generic high level way, or with other words : it's quite slow. So AvA in DU ? not going to happen.
  11. Well, subscriptions have run out a week ago. For me personally, DU has shut down. And I am not even feeling sorry.
  12. Things start to make sense. Of course the wipe decision is engraved into the egg. Belorion , share your findings !
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