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  1. I want PvP but the form of this pool is so overcomplicated that I dubt NQ would ever seriously take it under consideration. Just change the questions to Yes or No.
  2. Just my 4 cents of a regular player: I stoped playing at the end of 2020. I still have 2 active account because I want to support Dual Universe. Now i just reguraly check Youtube to see if the pvp is there yet. I will get back to the game when some PVP drive will be delivered. Thank you for your attention
  3. I have the same problem but it stil doesn't work for me. Even after Chcanging shadows from none to low
  4. NQ. Thank you very much for option to deactivate it !
  5. Any news here? Do we know when will the issue be taken care of ?
  6. I like a lot the direction of those changes ! 1). I like the idea of parts wearing out. It is much needed and will boost the economy. - I hope this will apply not only to PvP - I'm afraid that splitting amount of repair into 2 - 5 repairs no matter how much damage has the part may result in people flying with smoking parts trying to delay the repair moment. maybe some durability system would work better. With each crash part loses some durability points and the amount of lost points is results form the amount of damage. Part that has 100 HP has 300 Durability points a
  7. Hello. There is an Chromatic Aberration filter applied in the game and I can't find a way to disable it. I'm very sensitive to this kind of effect and it gives me nausea after a short time of playing. Is it possible to disable it in the game? Regards Zych
  8. Hello. I've got i7 7700k 24 Gb Memory and Geforce 1060 and game runs on SSD and I have 600 Mbit Wire internet On my PC the game is running very badly in cities and the more populated they are the worse. I'm seriously considering buying new PC but I don't know what is the bottleneck and what should I upgrade the most. I'm guessing that I should have more powerfull CPU in the first place and more memory in the second. I also don't know how many threads the game uses and I'm afraid that for example CPU with 16 threads might not be fully used. Looking from the pe
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