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  1. Answer: After each callibration some amount of resources spawns on the level in form of Big rocks that has about 2K Ore in them (int total) This panel shows location of the spawned rocks on the scanned tile. If you have callibrated more then one scanner, then you will get more rock spawns.
  2. All right I think that more or less I got how it works: Base rate: Probably defined by the rate of the Mining Unit Efficiency: No idea where it comes from - probably skills Adjacency: you got +10% for each neighbour tile you have Callibration: Result of your callibration minigame affected by something - probably skills Production rate = floor(Base rate * (Efficiency + Adjacency) * Callibration)
  3. Hi. I'm looking for an information how the math behind mining unit works. Right now I feel like a child in the fog. I have tile with 375 L/h I put the small mining unit and calibrate it to 62% then I start it and it says that the tile efficiency is 70% and that the callibration efficiency is 35% so all together I got 13.47 L/h But 375 * 70% * 35% * 62% != 13.47 ... and now I have absolutely no idea how it works.
  4. Hello There's still a Bug in Demeter that you can mount only 3 Railguns (instead of 4) even if all your according skills are at 5. If you have skills at 3,3,0 You can also mount 3 railguns.
  5. Hello NQ. just bumping the thread in hope of getting an answer. Is it a Bug or a Feature? Thank you.
  6. Hey. PvP in DU is a complicated topic that has to be split into smaller chunks if we want to discuss it properly. I don't want to discuss it for too long because I have the feeling that no one from NQ reads that anyway. But in case I'm wrong I'll just add my minimized Feedback for them here. Basic principles of combat mechanics in DU It's not an arcade type of the gameplay, instead we have a slow paced tactical approach where a cold blood and wise decisions are much more valuable then players skill and reflexes. You can like it or not but I love it. In my opinion this is something that positively distinguishes DU from other games (just my personal preference here). Much of the combat is focused on handling your ship. Building mode and repairs during combat, venting shields, patching the hull, refilling the rocket taks and so on. This is also fantastic for me. Unfortunately after introducing shields, allowing remote controller and makeing honeycomb weaker this part of the gameplay almost dissapeared. I think that this could be brought back by better balancing stuff. Quality of the delivery It's so bad that I don't know where to start. Very poor balance, memory leaks, ship acceleration related to game session time, No RPS mechanics, the ship stopping still while the player switch view and so for, and so on... Combat Depth It is very shallow right now in terms of interesting combat mechanics. Lacks stuff like aiming at something specific, systems countering systems, electronic warfare etc. ...fortunately it is partially saved by the ship building mechanics that allows players to create a bit different strategies based on their designs. However poor balance and no RPS makes this part quite flat as well. Meaningful PvP For me Meaningful PvP means giving players a good reason to have it in game. In my opinion DU delivers it really well. This whole asteroid thing really do the job here. I would like to see more missions in space that are well paid and not boring as package carring that gives players high reward but take place in the pvp zone. Railguns Why the hell you can putt only 3 railguns when you max your skills ?! (I'm gonna add this to all my posts Carthage style ) To sum up. For me it's one of the best space PvP i ever played even though it's delivered in quality so bad thatyou coul write a book about it. Personally I would never change the basic principles here, just elaborate and polish until it shines.
  7. Hmm... That explains a lot. It looks different on my side ? It looks like a subscrption Turn - off button on my side. Maybe it has something to do with local Polish Law according to auto-renewal. Thank you for help!
  8. Thank you. But what happens when the account just run out of time. This happenes a lot of the time to me. The 3 months run out and when I try to log in I get the information so I go to the website and pay for another 3 months. Does it counts as canceling ?
  9. Actually I don't think it is a big part of the player base. https://trends.google.pl/trends/explore?q=dual universe
  10. Hey. I have a three active accounts right now all of them on 3 month subscription. What do I need to do to keep them on current price?
  11. Railgun capacity problem reminder: I just wanted to remind that still there is a railgun capacity problam on Demeter PTS. With all neccesery skills on level 5,5,5 Player can mount only 3 railguns instead of 4. That's the same amount of railguns that can be mounted by player with skills at level 3, 3, 0.
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