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  1. 1) remove ecu from in game item 2) embedded ecu in each dynamic core 3) no pilot as dynamic core still moving = ecu turn on and brake until somebody took control on control unit 4) no pilot because of destroyed core = ship freeze instantly, P2P roundtable between client in range and server; high latency client exclude from vote; for determined final position => no matters there's some players around, only pilot count ( if gravity> 0.1 , ship is just falling to the ground ) 5) extend range of maneuver tool to factor 3 in regards of core size 6) end of drama
  2. Gameplay mechanics of DU : 1 mining 2 crafting 3 flying 4 fighting optionnal : building and coding Quanta actually have no value ingame , if you want only fight, you can't if you dont do your part in org that's all, no need to have BIG org to have big industry.....group of 5 active players is barely enough. Market will rise with casual for casual'; i dont see actually any incentive for pvp players/pvp orgs to sell something on market, in fact it's the exact opposite. Play the game as it is.
  3. I dont see any problem, you dont want to pvp, you can just build, but if you want to build ship..... you restrict yourself to sanctuary if you dont even want to know how pvp work. And DU will be in the long term a pvp everywhere game except for sanctury so your building outside sanctuary zone will be destroyed soon or later. Be prepared to that and adapt to the game as it is not as you want it is.
  4. Hi Would be useful and easier to share data between players to have a sort of databank attach to our nanopack and so saved with avatar, tricky part will be management right but with rdms it seems to me not so difficult to implement,first iteration could be open within org only for example, i dont know if it is possible in actual or future release but it would have interresting gameplay use. To avoid misunderstanding, this databank would be integer to our nanopack and you could slot your nanopack to a programming board to acces it and to his content.
  5. Hi, As i play SWG a long time ago, i really appreciate their town/politics mechanics, and it's something NQ could inspire of, and not only this part, they are a lot of "civilians/social" cool gameplay mechanics in this old game.( specially pre-NCU ) Anyway, i would propose some "simple" ( dev team will hate me until armageddon ) first mechanics related to market and urbanism we can inspire from swg : in swg to open a shop , you have a personnal construct terminal attach to your home and you manage the right for all/guilds/individuals to enter and have trade and acess to a limited part of your home, actually you could partially manage it by rdms so we have the core entry, we only need an item ingame which is already planified i guess, and act as personnal ( and also maybe local ) market. It could be, in my mind, a good idea to have the possibility to define "zone" inside our actual build zone of core and give access related to the policy, inside the building mode, and with different color we could define precisely this zone and use the same mechanics than actual selection tool but with no voxel. Zone defined with large core could lead this way for example in definition of "highway in a city", residential zone, trade market, entertainement and so on. with policy to org/individual by rdms and could also be use to define tax or whateveer economics as owner of the core we could define and use freely. in this idea no need to make something restrictive against open pvp vision, it defines only things we can build and city building, despite my optimism i dont believe city with activities will emerge only based on player/orgs good will and without some sort of urban ingame mechanics to sustain it, but time will give us the answer .... sorry for my english and if something is not clear please be comprehensive, after all i'm just a frog !
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