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  1. DU needs more gameplay mechanics other than endless time-gating. Other than building, everything else in the game is not even good enough to make a mobile game out of. Since current DU has the gameplay depth of a dried up puddle, there is no reason for F2P, or a sub. Once people sub for their 3 months (the minimum sub amount, if I recall correctly) most will leave for other pastures. Add to that, when people find out they charged people, took everything away, and are gonna charge them again for the EXACT SAME time they already put in. Plus a lot of the negative reviews and comments that disenfranchised players are going to leave... Well... They have a huge uphill battle to even GET players. My totally average guy with no knowledge what-so-ever prediction: DU doesn't last more than a year after "launch". Prolly way less, but I am feeling generous.
  2. lol. They are literally charging people for what they already paid for, and you have doubts about if they are "mostly after cash at any price"? They charged people for around two years, now they take everything away, and charge them to earn the talent points and everything else, all over again. Nothing new will be gained, it will take almost two years to get to the point the players were at. Maybe a little less with these silly bonus packages that they require you to sub for an additional 6 months to even earn. Add to all this that they changed all the mechanics to take even longer than they ever did in the past, and it is very clear they are only in this to get people to have to stay around and pay a sub. Name something FUN that they added to the game that hasn't turned into some form of passive "click and wait" mechanic. The amusing thing is that people are champing at the bit to pay them for what they already paid for. This all smells way too sleazy.
  3. Cool. May those who remain have lots of fun. Bye! If anyone has gotten the 25 fonts I have made. I highly recommend you make your own core blueprints from them. It will be the only way to have them in the future. They are DRM-free, so it should be pretty a pretty simple thing to do. And yes, <whomever it may concern>, you can have my stuff.
  4. This new schematic system is over-engineered, and over complicated. When the system you implement to fix a system is more complicated, more boring, and just yet another "click and wait" time sink, you may have not done a good job. The only mechanic they can actually implement, is some variation of "click and wait". Nothing fun. Nothing compelling. Just click on something, and wait for something to happen. That's all they have "added" to the game in quite a few patches. Mining... Click and wait. PvP... Click and wait. (from a list of available other ships to attack) Industry... Click and wait. (copy schematics, and wait. Then apply schematics, and... Wait for it... WAIT! LOL. I crack myself up ) I am expecting building to become some form of clicking a shape, and waiting an extraordinary amount of time to have that shape appear. As long as it is from the approved list of shapes you can wait for. Yes, I am being silly at this point, but how long before this is in the realm of reality when it is the only thing that isn't just click and wait, and requires interactivity? Especially when everything else that was any form of interactive, is gone.
  5. Maybe there is a communication breakdown going on. Would someone else get your salvage? Someone would still have my work. Would you be able to get salvage again with the same effort? I would not be able to do that because of the first question. Anyways, I was just sharing my feedback, from my point of view. I am done trying to explain it to you, since the feedback I gave was not meant for you, but the devs.
  6. I am not saying that. I don't care that my work is lost. I care that I can't do it again, because it is NOT lost. The customer still has their copy of the blueprint. You can make all your money back the way you did before. I, cannot. My issue was not having to redo anything. It was not being able to it the way I did. Yes, it is just building. That's like saying, your stuff is just spending money. Anything can be made out to be "just <blah blah>".
  7. I just wanted to throw my two cents in. I have made money in the game by doing commission work. Someone wanted something made that they didn't want to do for themselves for whatever reason they may have had. I had to give these people DRM-free blueprints so that they could use the item I made in whatever way they wanted. If there is a wipe, and people are allowed to keep their blueprints, a player like myself will be at a severe disadvantage. People are not going to pay me again for something they will already have after the wipe. I would not mind having to make these things again for them, it is not about that. It is that there would be no reason for it. And I understand their point of view (I have this thing already, why would I pay for it again?!?). So, I would have to hope that there is a large part of the new community that would be willing to pay for commission work, I will have to prove myself to them without having the resources/foundation to show my existing work, or I will have to do the things I don't like to do, which I was able to bypass before. I already don't agree with a lot of the decisions made, and they almost all had a negative impact on my play style, or the things I wanted to build. The screen LUA changes will in essence break my idea of making cartoon ships with expressive eyes that moved and made several expressions. The HTML method, mainly the PNG abilities, allowed me to use gradients and morph objects from one thing to another on the screen. The new method overly complicates this type of animation and effects to make it extremely unappealing to a player like myself. The voxel complexity changes are really strange. The things that should be triggering it (Like the crazy fonts that I make, or other wild things I have done to voxels, and the many uses of "checkerboard" patterns I have all over my place) don't seem to trigger it. But, literally using one material, and only plain square voxels, to make two walls that meet in a corner, a roof and a floor, will light up at 75% complex MINIMUM. So, if making a literal room size box already sets me to 75%, that doesn't leave me any room to do much to it beyond that. I don't want a full wipe, including blueprints, because I would not like to lose all the blueprints for my own things I have put several hours into making. Nor would I want it for anyone else. The reason I am bringing these subjects up is to show why I will probably (never say never) not return if there is a wipe. I don't like the current state of mining (Which is more of a chore every 3 days to click something and just stand around waiting.), so I will don't really want to have to do that to make money to even get to where I was. This is not about the items I give out for free. Those were my choice to give out for free. I am specifically talking about hours and hours of build work I did in private, for others, that they paid me for. Just to clear up any confusion on that. If there is a wipe, no matter which type of wipe it is... Please don't wipe talent points. That is 100% a game killer to me. Well, that's it for me. Just wanted you to at least hear a point of view I did not see represented. Thanks for reading, if you did! -Me.
  8. Try putting a voxel down, select it, and use the ctrl mousewheel to expand the selection to as large as it will go... Then press delete. Do this in areas around the construct, until you see the message that you received x amount of honeycomb material.
  9. From my understanding, the complexity will be based on how well the mesh engine can handle the build. If you have a lot of same material voxels in an area, that will be a low complexity, because the mesh engine can use compression methods to represent that area. However, if you have a lot of different materials, in a checkerboard pattern, each one of those is seen as a singular thing, there is no optimization to be done there, since it doesn't join any surrounding voxels of the same material. I could be wrong, but that is my understanding of it. Maybe it will help some people understand this.
  10. I love the changes, but have a request/suggestion... Please give us the ability, via a dropdown, or number entry field to let us specify a snapping scale for the voxel editor. I see that very fine adjustments are possible, but having the ability to snap to points would make it easier to tie in with existing building methods or stay at a certain scale. Dividing the 1x1x1 voxel cube into 8ths, 16ths, 32nds, or 64ths would be a good starting point for choices. We could choose 8ths, and the vertex tool would then snap to that scale. Moving a point would snap to points at the chosen scale. Having a choice of scale instead of one fixed scale, or eyeballing/guessing, would be IMMENSELY helpful. PLEASE incorporate this. Thanks for reading!
  11. SUGGESTION: Maybe this will help alleviate some of the terrain issues. Since digging for mining is not really a thing anymore on planets, could we maybe get some better terrain manipulation tools? Like a selection box, or a cube shaped digging tool? These wouldn't affect gameplay, if they were locked to planetary use. Just a thought.
  12. In the 3-part blog post, it was mentioned that there would be a change to schematics. Is there any update on the future of schematics? Also, since the schematic change happened to coincide with the loss of a very large number of players, I am interested in knowing what is going to be done to get those players back?
  13. Hey there. I was in Landmark, and I built stuff. Nice to see a lot of you around. I am sort of hovering around DU. Not entirely sure DU is going to scratch the Landmark itch for me, but I will find out, someday. I have access to the game, but it wasn't up to a standard I was interested in. So, I decided to wait until they get further along. I check on here, and other places, every so often. Always on the lookout for a Landmark replacement. See you guys around, somewhere, sometime!
  14. Hey there! I just thought I would stop by and introduce myself, I am Metallical. I've been gaming in one way or another since the mid 80's or so. Right now, I am pretty active in Landmark, a voxel building game. I love building games, and a friend got me interested in looking into this one. Especially since I tend to lean to sci-fi builds and such. I started a little guild in Landmark, and we tend to have a lot of fun building stuff. Anyways, not good at these introduction things. If there is anything you want to know, don't hesitate to ask! -Me.
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