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  1. NQ-Nomad Are you going to Show all of the entries ???? I do not See my ship here: CWC Amazon-b Thank you
  2. Ahh I did not see my ship, are you going to show all the entries ??? CWC Amazon
  3. Forum Moderator I know I might get a black mark for my comment above but that video they posted Greatly Misrepresents the Dual Universe Game.
  4. DI I would like to ask a very Simple question please about the latest video you posted for "Live Dual Universe Industrial Rise Part 1" WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, THAT VIDEO CONTAINS STAR CITIZEN SPACE SHIPS!!!! . Are you trying to Confuse people or what ???? You need to take down that video. And Sorry if I care greatly for DU, this is one of the greatest games ever. I would like to see it Succeed.
  5. discordauth:8AzoytNen9kVrWrm3X681Dn7v4bVIOv95UMJqTPLcts=

  6. Welcome to Dual universe and Welcome to the Alpha team Damian
  7. That was So FUN to do, But Now in DU, our creations can FLY!!! Welcome to DU and the Alpha team, Brother Knoober, I know You will Enjoy your stay here Remember to watch all the tutorial videos JC did they will teach you all about building in DU.
  8. Team Lets show them what Voxel can do. Lets FLY!!!!!
  9. Good news and welcome to Hrafnkell Oskarsson :). We look forward to your input into the design and game play of DU. we want to succeed where EVE did not with Single shard universe. we players also look forward to seeing you ingame, we would love to show you DU from our perspective. Damian Firecaster Legate of the Core Worlds coalition
  10. Nyzaltar

    is the play test startedĀ  yet ???

  11. NQ Nunc

    I would like to submit my video of me building my Home / base.

    the video you showed only showed building ships, I want to let others see the building other things like houses / buildings in the game.

    I can also provide Still pics from the video. sampleĀ  picture Attached.

  12. if there are any Landmark Devs in DU please Speakup. We would like to bring the build tools from landmark to DU. not all of it Just the way we could select a voxel fill area. the build tools here are OK for now but we want them to be Just as good as landmark tools were. Easy and intuitive.
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