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  1. If you have never been able to login to DU after registering, please make sure your Windows 10 is up-to-date. There have been reports of updating .NET Frameworks fixing the issue. This is now in the FAQ as well.
  2. Just a bump with a comment that section 10 has grown a fair amount. It describes solutions, or at least explanations, to the most common in-game error messages.
  3. Just a bump - this FAQ has been being updated regularly, like several small changes every day.
  4. For answers to Frequently Asked Questions, please visit: Pleione's Dual Universe FAQ Please note this is a work in progress. Please reply with other questions not outlined in the document.
  5. I would sure hope a VM running a full version of Windows (under Linux) would be fine. From the games prospective, its just running a Windows client.
  6. discordauth:mbvp9U47SUHHGrfmRnlZYPrIQ2t066vGXcOkECWrDL0=

  7. discordauth:mbvp9U47SUHHGrfmRnlZYPrIQ2t066vGXcOkECWrDL0=

  8. discordauth:mbvp9U47SUHHGrfmRnlZYPrIQ2t066vGXcOkECWrDL0=

  9. Hi... new player who just bought my patron pack yesterday. Curious how often wipes occur? Does everyone start over from scratch each weekend? I really have no expectations here, just curious what is planned.
  10. Thanks. Actually edited my post with the NDA in mind <smile> Thus the lack of details about existing resolutions.
  11. Just downloaded after becoming a Patron member. Curious if more video resolution options are planned for the near future? I run on (3) 3440 x 1440 monitors (not that I ever play games on more than 1 - can't do that without getting whiplash!) I understand this is pre-alpha, and happy just to get in early.
  12. I like it, thanks BlorgonSlayer! My main motivation is, of course, personal play preference. I want to play when I want to play, for as little or long as I wish, whatever time of the day I wish, without obligations to others to do what they want. Now the market may define my actions, but that is because I want to maximize my personal profit for what I deem reasonable risk - not because some VP tells me to. I spent close to 40 years in corporate America - not about to go back into a simulation of that. All that said, an organization of freelance players, who help each other if and only if they feel like it, might fit my style.
  13. Which pack gets the cool looking Legacy Resurrection Node? I didn't see mention of it specifically...
  14. As it is in Eve, so no surprises there. Except in Eve virtually every planet has been checked out. Can't do that with a procedurally generated universe! Thanks!
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