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  1. I'm definitely not extending my 4th alt - the one I created using Steam at launch. One other I'm funding with DACs, along with my main. Have 2 I subscribed for 13 months. Basically its become a chore but I log in daily to run my T2 & T3 calibration runs, and every 5-6 days for the T1 Sanctuary/Haven runs. Keeping my factory fed with schematics, and spending any extra cash on Warp Cell schematics. So probably average 2 hours a day, down from 14.
  2. What's really sad is that I'm playing another pre-pre-alpha game (less than 500 invited) and we average 250ish people online at any time. The devs chat with us constantly, bug reports are acknowledged within a day, typically with a heartfelt "Thank you", suggestions are being implemented routinely, and acknowledged with thanks, they have a public bug tracking and public suggestion tracking system, and the team is a fraction of the size of Novaquark.
  3. What in the blazes would an exit strategy be? Buy DACs on the long shot and leave. That's about as complicated as I can see it. Short version: just leave.
  4. That because, once long-long ago, you could have industries on dynamic constructs. It was an early goal of mine, before they eliminated that and the turned "Galaxy" into perhaps adding another solar system, of having a Stargate Universe class ship that could explore the universe and over a period of a month or five, pop out a stargate and then do it again.
  5. Agree completely. Lack of lore - a consistent believable story/concept line - is a major problem throughout the game. Starts with "We are the last remnants of humanity, so lets establish a new civilization with the goal of killing each other" and goes downhill from there.
  6. ... "Maintenance Units" with a description of "Various lubricants and other wearable parts used to produce a product", I suspect people would have bought into it with little complaint. OK, OK, the implementation is currently tedious, and could be improved, but the concept would have been acceptable.
  7. I think they know they would never survive another wipe... ... with maybe one exception: A wipe after a 2 year shutdown to retool the game, with subscriptions being put in suspended animation, and generous bonuses to all who come back.
  8. That would be the case if playing DU was a requirement of life. Its not. Much more likely people will just get frustrated and leave.
  9. "Faith" is what it takes, there surely is no evidence they are doing either. Many of us love the game, and continue to play, but do not share your faith. We are just stubborn and choose to believe "Its not dead - yet."
  10. Right now I'd be happy if they just backed off the "fix" for the "rare" mining unit issue. The issue was real, hit it a half-dozen times since launch and dutifully reported completed with log files. Post 1.2.3 and the "fix" it is happening to about 1 in 5 of my calibration efforts. Ballpark. My org members are talking like this is the last straw... the huge bump in frequency was reported in hours on Discord and via ticket. No excuse for why they have not backed it off - beyond them simply not caring. Or so it feels.
  11. Well, just started a new alt to test some things out. I can tell you that none of the tiles on Haven appear to have reset - there was a steady, hole free, spread around every market. So based on that sample size of 1, I'd say yes: Haven and Sanctuary are permanent.
  12. Can't argue that point, but NQ has shown no indication they plan on reducing taxes in any way, shape, or form.
  13. Did that early on, but its not scaleable. Calibration charges eventually become a bottleneck as your try and obtain a bit of each ore.
  14. Your English is just fine - never doubt it. I think you are 100% correct: Any development going forward should be focused at getting people to come back. If you can do that, almost by definition your going to make the existing base mostly happy. English saying: "You can please all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, but you can never please all of the people all of the time" - anybody that tries to do so is destined to failure. Even our ex-President Obama stated this once: No matter what he says, somebody will complain. He was referring to "Merry Christmas" (insult to Jews, Muslims, etc.), "Happy Holidays (insult to some Christians)... ps. My wife is from Omsk, I've been to Siberia many times! The culture there (not the politicians) is outstanding - far beyond what we have here in the USA. Of course, it has its problems too.
  15. Did I miss a roadmap announcement? Did I miss a 1.3 announcement? Feels like complete silence from NQ on the future of DU since 1.2 came out.
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