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  1. First of all, I like everything you said in your post. Especially the idea that Relec plasma should be used to construct star gates, not warp beacons. My understanding is that schematics will be wiped, which was strongly indicated by the "internal discussions" of the developers. I also think that planets will be redone, so static constructs on the ground will be wiped. You will probably be able to make blueprints of those constructs, but all the resources would be gone . I think there is a slim chance that space constructs may survive, which would include warp beacons that are in space. That is why I was still trying to make them. It was little effort, just click a button every 26 days, to make more. Mostly all I have been doing is checking the progress on the beacon being crafted, and making sure the support industries have not crashed, which they do way to often. I do not know what the guys in my corporation think. They went from being very excited about having beacons to only logging in to pay their territory taxes. Territories with mining units are being converted to headquarters. When I get into Discord, I see that no one is really playing DU. People are talking about shutting down accounts.
  2. Who says I am not playing with a group? My first few beacons were sold to my org at a big discount from market. People in the org were very excited about getting beacons on the space stations. From beacon sales, I made back less than half of my investment, but I thought I was in it for the long term. I would still be selling them beacons, but everyone has put their accounts on hold, waiting to find out what will be wiped. Noone wants to put much effort into building infrastructure until we know what will be kept.
  3. I don't know what will happen in a wipe, but that is just another slap in the face. I am complaining that the reasons to keep playing this game are dwindling. The devs have said they want to redo the planets, which would indicate static constructs and their contents would get wiped. So, with the hope that space constructs would survive, I was working on beacons to upgrade space stations, but that is now dead for me. At least for the foreseeable future.
  4. It took over 1 year of mining and well over 2 million quanta to get all the schematics needed to produce warp beacons, warp beacon parts, and the industries to make the parts. The first warp beacon took 2 months to produce, including the time to make the parts and industries. I had a separate account trained up for this effort, never leaving the factory. Finally getting the production time to under 27 days. This week I finished the 6th or 7th beacon, and yesterday I logged in to start the next one. To my surprise I see I now need a Relic Plasma Octo L to make another beacon. Where do I get this relic plasma? Certainly not in the market, there are none for sale. Maybe I should go capture an alien core, but I have no interest in PvP. For the past few weeks in DU, the only thing I have been doing is monitoring the warp beacon crafting to make sure I have the ore I need. When a beacon is done, I put it on one of my space stations. I no longer bother with the mining units that can provide 250kL of gold and silver ore each week. I have no use for it, and it sells for a pittance. I guess I can go place my last warp beacon on one of my space stations that will deleted in the wipe to come. Game over.
  5. When I saw that I was flying over an abandoned core, I could not resist checking it out. It looked like a broken core was all that was left, so I repaired it and tried to pick it up. When that failed, I checked the core contents and found some concrete was left. Since I could not see it, it was probably underground. The territory was owned by someone, so I could not dig it out. If the devs need to do some extra work so I can have my core, then maybe they will consider your suggestion. You are right that there should be a simple operation to gather all the voxels in any construct into your nanopack or linked container. This should have been done months ago.
  6. I want to reclaim my large core, but I can't seem to find the last few voxels. They may be underground. There does not seem to be an option to just reclaim the core and lose any voxels it contains. How can I clean out my core?
  7. Are we expecting to see 4 or 5 liters/hour or something much more?
  8. If you have a scanner result in inventory then the amount of each ore you personally mine is kept track of in the result data.
  9. Thank you Blazemonger. I have verified Blazemonger's post. Last night I learned basic intermediary part efficiency level 3, and now my base parts per run is 20, resetting to 28 after I hit start. Edit: I should note that the input material has doubled along with the output, so it is not really an increase in productivity.
  10. The intermediate talents are what get me from 10 to 14, I am level 4 in the basic intermediate parts talent. There is something else at work here.
  11. When I create basic components in a electronics industry, I see it is set to create 10 per run, then it resets to 14 per run when I hit start. A friend of mine see the number start at 20, then reset to 28. Nether of us know which talent or set of talents give him the big advantage. Can someone clue us in?
  12. I just spent considerable time and money to set up extended container XL crafting. As I was ramping up production of the parts I realized that the material cost of the container was way more than 4 time the cost of a large, just to get 4 times the storage. Then I find out it takes 8 time the space. That is crazy. I canceled my production of those containers before it could go too far. I don't understand how anyone could think those XL containers make sense.
  13. I started building a new dynamic construct, paying close attention to the inertia matrix. I placed the core at 0,0,0 and the inertia matrix was perfectly diagonal at this point. I placed some voxels against the core, in order to get a squared surface for other placements. Then I tried placing a databank at x=z=0 and I saw nonzero values in the off-diagonal yz element. As I move the databank along the y axis that value changed. This would indicate that the center of mass of the databank is not at its location in the grid of the construct. So the center of mass of the databank is lower than the center of the box that contains its shape (the yz element is positive). This seems to be either a bug, or a level of detail that we don't need. I don't see this issue with the hovercraft seat. I will look carefully at other elements as I build this construct.
  14. I have finished rearranging the elements in my ship, and it yaws flawlessly. The problem I was having was with the YZ/ZY elements of the matrix. After looking at the posted video, I looked up the formula for the inertial matrix. The formula is the sum over all the elements of the quantity m*Y*Z, where Z and Y are measured from the CM. I needed that sum to be zero. I decided to set z = -44 as my CM and proceeded to arrange every possible element at that height. Of coarse the hovers and boosters were below CM and the stabilizers were above CM. They partially balanced out, but the CM was still below z = -44. I then placed the air brakes above CM and tweaked the wings up and down until balance was achieved. Thanks for all the help.
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