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  1. NQ put this out for our feedback so here’s my two cents: Shedding Light on Wipe Prospects: I think the most important thing to consider is how this impacts our community. Community is what makes this game what it is. It’s the people who are there to help the new folks, to give advice and even money and ships. It’s the builders who have spent hours upon hours building and designing ships for sale. It’s the builders who create cities and huge space stations which add flavor to this world. If they do a construct wipe, NQ takes all that away and leave an empty shell. They will have taken away what means the most to the community: the time and effort that they put forth in building and creating. Some members have spent hours and hours building their bases, their spaceships. There will be no incentive for them to play to start over on that scale. New players come to this game looking for the community they see in the trailers. They will find planets that are completely devoid of population and cities. The gaming community is not so large – they all frequent the same gaming web pages. NQ will not be able to afford all negative feedback and the loss of population. The population will likely drop significantly. That’s a pretty big financial hit. The feedback that NQ will continue to get as a result will impact its ability to recruit new players. The fall out will be all over the gaming community and on every board that gamers frequent. This feedback will negatively impact the new players who see it. I am a newer player but even I feel that starting over, rebuilding, rescanning, mining again feels pretty overwhelming to me. I am unsure if I will continue. I heard that there were 'Magic Blueprints' previously. Is this a possibility? Warp Drives, Adjusters and Command seats: I do not understand why NQ is choosing to make these elements (especially warp drives ) so much heavier. I’m afraid this change will effectively remove all the personal warp shuttles from the game. It won’t be possible to build xs core warp shuttles that are cost effective. The warp cell cost is going to be much higher.
  2. Hi Jake, What would happen to the requisition at this point? Does it go in limbo until such time you can own more cores? Or do you have to request and wait another 14 days?
  3. I have some questions regarding the Auto-Assignment of HQ to territories. There are numerous individually owned territories that we had our eyes on to salvage. If I understand this correctly they will all be HQ and therefore unavailable unless, they own other tiles. So how will we know this? Will there be a way to tell if this tile's owner has others and if a particular tile will be slotted to be abandoned? How do we tell the difference in what will actually become available? Right now we cannot inspect a unit and determine this. I'm too small and too new of a player that can afford to just go out to a random 'inactive' tile and waste the quantas and territory units in hopes that I can get it.
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