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  1. Infinity Corps, now the 9th largest org. Infinity Corporation ā€“ Accept No Limits
  2. In a computer game you will always have restrictions, however you want to play your game. As it is in life.
  3. You all forgets the building parts of it. Me and my wife are just starting to rebuild our best build from Landmark, We are planning the new "Eagles Dare" and it is great fun (building it on Sanct) . Later we have other things in the pipeline. But if we think its fun to do a nice build in DU we can do that, and not have to worry about PvP. Personally I will have a PvP alt. The I want to solo everything is a modern issue. It has nothing to do with the game itself. Have Fun!
  4. Sigtyr

    T2 ore

    All surface of Sanctuary has Limestone, Malachite, Natron and Chromite. And in ok quantities for most projects.
  5. On Sanctuary you have surface gathering of all the mats you need, and for a casual/builder it is probably faster and less stressful than mining. Me and my wife have 2 adjacent hexes on Sanct and has no problem with mats. One thing to think about on Sanct is that if you place a core covering the ground or terraforms the ground the surface mats do not respawn. You will be ok with a bit or planning though.
  6. Infinity Corporation wants to constantly push the mark on what is doable in DU , and so far we have been successful. Design, Building & Events we do it all. We have members all over the world and people online 24/7. https://www.infinitycorporation.org/ Infinity Corporation ā€“ Accept No Limits
  7. We are still growing and we are now # 13 in Size of the DU Orgs and more important, we have lots of active players. Infinity Corporation ā€“ Accept No Limits
  8. Well you certainly get high points for the first presentation, you do however has to fill some great expectations! But Welcome and have Fun!
  9. Well Met! Good to see you again!
  10. Sounds good! Go here to join our Discord https://www.infinitycorporation.org/ And at the Discord show that you have NDA acess. And then in in game F3 --- Organizations --- Bulletin Board --- Infinity Corporation --- Send application Any other Questions send private message! Welcome!
  11. We are still recruiting and we are now # 24 in Size of the DU orgs and we have members on both sides of the Atlantic!
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