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  1. We are still recruiting and we are now # 24 in Size of the DU orgs and we have members on both sides of the Atlantic!
  2. +1 for Very cool intro.
  3. Join Infinity Corporation and let us together explore what is achievable in DU! Infinity Corporation ā€“ Accept No Limits
  4. Have fun and Welcome! Personally I started playing EQ Nov 99.
  5. Now when we are getting closer to Alpha 3 we want to remind you that Infinity Corporation is still looking for good people. We have members on both size of the Atlantic and have reached the size where it is always people online. We have an active group of programmers and are planning several Org projects in addition to the ones we almost have finished. Infinity Corporation ā€“ Accept No Limits
  6. I think no one knows about the distribution of Beta Keys at the moment. I have never seen any information.
  7. Welcome I hope you will enjoy it.
  8. Sigtyr


    Hi there and Welcome.
  9. We live in driving distance but it isn't that much information or advance warning. As Houser says above its a lot about the weather but Montreal is a fun City. It's not easy to get time off with that short notice.
  10. I think a subscription model is to prefer as long as it is possible. I remember when EQ2 went free to play. Nothing dramatic immediately but soon you noticed that the quality of the people who played the game went down (as in personality and demeanor not skill in playing the game), and that made many old players leave after shorter or longer time.
  11. Sigtyr

    Hi all

    Welcome, see private message.
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