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  1. Sigtyr

    Crappy suggestions thread.

    Require Building permits, in French.
  2. Sigtyr

    Any LANDMARK builders here ??

    You may get some more help if you go to the NDA forums or the DU Discord servers NDA channels. Hard to help here.
  3. Sigtyr

    Could a Decentralised City Function?

    I think the biggest problem with cities/hubs in DU will be how to organize it, the whole thing will be a challenge. Who owns it the org, the people building their stuff and so on? Sprawl will be an enormous problem, people will be drawn to the City and build a box somewhere (without bothering with the creators plan) and then abandoning it. Is it doable? Certainly but it will require incredible organization skills and tenacity. In Landmark we did some big cooperative builds in the end and they where very hard on the people who organized them and volunteer burn out did happen and those things was simple little things compared to what we are talking about here. I think we will see many failed City projects just on the basic "getting things built" level then add trade, security, economy and war to that. It will be interesting to see.
  4. Sigtyr


    Welcome Dendra.
  5. Sigtyr


    Glad to see more Landmarkians it getting to be many of us now.
  6. Sigtyr

    Just got here!

    Good to hear lots of good people here.
  7. Sigtyr


  8. Sigtyr

    I am in fact a real person

  9. Sigtyr

    Lurked for a year, now I am here.

  10. Sigtyr

    Any LANDMARK builders here ??

    Well I do not know as there are no in game guilds yet, and many seems to be member of several guilds. I would think that just an LM Discord channel would be good as I think that further along the road we will have at least 2-3 different LM guilds (or LM influenced maybe) as people have different ideas on what they want in a guild.
  11. Sigtyr

    Sayin' Hello !

    Welcome Grimm!
  12. Sigtyr

    Introduction and Hello

    Welcome. Have Fun!
  13. discordauth:xvaSv6hBOzTpdv-8q3EaPLmyiWod4Y46wAbrLlF5T0c=

  14. Sigtyr

    Safe Zones

    I totally agree with you here! If enough big guilds decide to do X (that is what happened in AA) it really does not matter what NQ's intentions where, if something is doable you can be sure people will do it. But then again I hope that the pvp playtest is a no holds barred kind of event. Maybe rewards to the best griefers (and I am serious here) because it will happen live.