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  1. Sigtyr


    Well met!
  2. Welcome it is getting a lot of us nowadays! Well met.
  3. Welcome! And Burnes gave you the links.
  4. I agree with this, the difference between a programmed NPC and a programmed dispenser is small. Front desk people/NPC bots, store clerks/NPC bots and just as decorations would be nice. Maybe not the most important thing, but in time. In Landmark (sorry) I saw a lot of wonderful builds that gave the wrong visual impressions as they where empty of any inhabitants.
  5. Welcome we are getting to be several Landmarkians here.
  6. With the launch of Alpha 2, we in Infinity Corporation wants to re introduce our organization to the many new or returning players who will start in DU. I will not repeat the information earlier in this thread but we now have 36 members, both in Europe and the USA and we have an active discord channel and a helpful community. We have participated in some very interesting projects and you can see some of the videos on our community page here https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/infinity-corporation/#tab-posts We have several other projects planned and our intention is to be an organization that expands what is doable in DU. We are looking for people with all sorts of skill sets, the most important thing is that you together with us want to go places and push the limits of what can be done. If you have any questions or want to know more please send me a private message here on the DU site , you can of course also ask questions in our Discord Channel (invite on our website <https://www.infinitycorporation.org/> ). Infinity Corporation – Accept No Limits
  7. Always nice to see more Landmarkians! Welcome!
  8. This is getting more and more important as we are approaching beta, I have several friends and officers in my old guild that I would gift in to Beta if I could (and yes its about money too of course) But NQ is abandoning a revenue stream here as anyone who get an paid invite to Beta is much likelier to keep playing the game. I and most would not invest $ X into a friend and not make sure he/she stays in game.
  9. Require Building permits, in French.
  10. You may get some more help if you go to the NDA forums or the DU Discord servers NDA channels. Hard to help here.
  11. I think the biggest problem with cities/hubs in DU will be how to organize it, the whole thing will be a challenge. Who owns it the org, the people building their stuff and so on? Sprawl will be an enormous problem, people will be drawn to the City and build a box somewhere (without bothering with the creators plan) and then abandoning it. Is it doable? Certainly but it will require incredible organization skills and tenacity. In Landmark we did some big cooperative builds in the end and they where very hard on the people who organized them and volunteer burn out did happen and those things was simple little things compared to what we are talking about here. I think we will see many failed City projects just on the basic "getting things built" level then add trade, security, economy and war to that. It will be interesting to see.
  12. Sigtyr


    Welcome Dendra.
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