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  1. Thank you, NQ! I came to DU from Minecraft and was too intimidated to build anything except cubes for ships and step pyramids for houses, so this will really help my anxiety. Thank you!
  2. Not rebuilding their entire constructs, just a museum of photos and info buttons with stories.
  3. We're planning a Grand Bazaar 2.0, and we'd like to include a Museum of the Before Times building, with photos and info buttons depicting your cities, bases, etc. DM me via Discord with pics and stories. Stories should include names of players involved, where it (was) located, any additional interesting facts you'd like to include, and pics from high, low, close and far. briggenti#9978 Thanks much!
  4. Yes. [Edit] and I'm interested in building a Museum of the Before Times, looking for submissions!
  5. They can still have their showroom, and put up an ad space in the Exchange. Doesn't affect their showroom and potentially brings more new-player traffic to it. And just because its only 64 slots (16 per pad), doesn't mean only that number of players or orgs. A single slot could be an ad space for 10 showrooms (limit of 10 screens), or even more with lua on a big screen with touch programming. A single Exchange space could house a directory of sites, with descriptions. A savvy ad person could set that up and sell ad space.
  6. Thank you for the response! I'm not used to seeing NQ responses in devblog threads! I appreciate and agree a centralized place (or network of places) where players can advertise themselves is needed after the cleanup of the markets. You mentioned this could the first of more. Is the thought to expand one Exchange over time, to accommodate more player spaces, or would there be more Exchanges spread over the system? If there were multiple Exchanges, could a player or org have a space in more than one Exchange?
  7. I thought this was just going to be a place for displays and ads, but actually feels like another chip away at player-built markets. The advantage of Aphelia over player markets continues to build: Space Markets have no tax (hello, infinite free storage exploit!), and these Exchanges have direct teleporters from the Districts. (Not to mention the convenience of remote buying with Aphelia) By the time NQ might get around to implementing player-owned market kiosks, there will be more Space Markets and Exchanges around the system. At that point will there be any need for player-owned market kiosks?
  8. The change to yaw/pitch/roll speed seems a bit heavy handed. Could we roll it back to something in between? Or extend the max mass (~1.75kt) upwards?
  9. You enabled auto mode for the Harvest tool, but not the Repair tool? That would seem like an easy quality-of-life thing to do, and would be much appreciated.
  10. Love it! Been using the 3D Algebra map for a while and the 3D interface is very handy for planning. Along with this update, will it also fix a few current map issues? - ores not showing in all planet descriptions. - waypoints showing incorrect altitude. (Especially bad on Feli) And just an overall clunkiness and inaccuracy to setting waypoints and copying coordinates to the clipboard.
  11. I'm ok with a full wipe, with core blueprints of only our own constructs, if possible. Some sort of reward for existing players would be nice, but not a deal breaker for me. Thank you, NQ, for at least shedding some light on the discussion and considerations. More comms about it is always good.
  12. "Organization Construct Management Organization Construct Management Specialization Advanced Organization Construct Management Specialization These talents will be buffed to collectively increase the maximum ceiling for the organization's construct limit to 1625." I'm still confused on the mechanics of how we get can get to that number?
  13. Why are tile taxes still set to $1 million per week? Was there not enough angry feedback on this to warrant a change? Is it still "just a number and will change before release"? Seeing it twice makes me worry it will be the final number.
  14. When implementing the ore extraction rates and territory taxes, please just start with higher numbers for ore, and lower numbers for taxes. You can always adjust toward stricter later. A slope, versus a cliff.
  15. The current minimum distance I can park an xs core pocket rocket next to an L core is about 36 meters. Picture below for reference. Can we trim that down some? It would make parking at a busy location a bit easier.
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