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  1. The change to yaw/pitch/roll speed seems a bit heavy handed. Could we roll it back to something in between? Or extend the max mass (~1.75kt) upwards?
  2. You enabled auto mode for the Harvest tool, but not the Repair tool? That would seem like an easy quality-of-life thing to do, and would be much appreciated.
  3. Love it! Been using the 3D Algebra map for a while and the 3D interface is very handy for planning. Along with this update, will it also fix a few current map issues? - ores not showing in all planet descriptions. - waypoints showing incorrect altitude. (Especially bad on Feli) And just an overall clunkiness and inaccuracy to setting waypoints and copying coordinates to the clipboard.
  4. I'm ok with a full wipe, with core blueprints of only our own constructs, if possible. Some sort of reward for existing players would be nice, but not a deal breaker for me. Thank you, NQ, for at least shedding some light on the discussion and considerations. More comms about it is always good.
  5. "Organization Construct Management Organization Construct Management Specialization Advanced Organization Construct Management Specialization These talents will be buffed to collectively increase the maximum ceiling for the organization's construct limit to 1625." I'm still confused on the mechanics of how we get can get to that number?
  6. Why are tile taxes still set to $1 million per week? Was there not enough angry feedback on this to warrant a change? Is it still "just a number and will change before release"? Seeing it twice makes me worry it will be the final number.
  7. When implementing the ore extraction rates and territory taxes, please just start with higher numbers for ore, and lower numbers for taxes. You can always adjust toward stricter later. A slope, versus a cliff.
  8. The current minimum distance I can park an xs core pocket rocket next to an L core is about 36 meters. Picture below for reference. Can we trim that down some? It would make parking at a busy location a bit easier.
  9. Where could I find the CCS values for honeycomb, elements and core size?
  10. So sorry, I wrote up a nice reply and I guess it didnt send! A parcel container is a specialized type of container that players can place down and use to receive 'packages' when they create hauling missions. BrewandPew has a nice video tutorial on how to set up player hauling missions:
  11. Thanks for replying! I think one answer to your question is you can link to a normal container while in VR, but you cannot create hauling missions from it. And, you can create hauling missions from parcel containers, but not link to them. Hope that answers your question. Aphelia markets currently have an advantage over player-made markets in that you can access them remotely from anywhere, make purchases, and create hauling missions to retrieve items to your parcel container at your base or wherever. While you CAN visit a player-made market in VR, and the market owners could rent normal containers for buyers to link to for their purchases, the only way to retrieve items is to go there in person to pick them up. I believe allowing linking to parcel containers could potentially make it easier to visit and purchase from them remotely, as well as increasing the number of player-made hauling missions.
  12. Fair disclosure, I manage a player-made market (poorly) so I also have a selfish interest in this. If we could link to parcel containers, we COULD... 1. Market owners could place parcel containers at their market and rent them out to players. (The number and method are up to the market owner.) 2. Players could then VR to the market, link to the parcel container, and shop. Their items going into the parcel container. 3. Buyers then pack up their items and create a hauling mission, or fly there and pick up their purchases directly. Already in the works? Meh? Nah?
  13. The trend line in the hand scanner no longer persists if I switch between tools. Can we get that back or is it gone for a reason? If it was intended in order to improve the results of the scanner, can we be allowed to change the size of the mining sphere while using the scanner, similar to how we can change the size of the sphere while using the mining tool?
  14. Ok I forgot there are no skills in VR, and industry activation requires skills, since .23. It feels like an opportunity to re-balance and give a little back to the crafters to remove the Industry Proficiency talents. Or, allow talents to remain while in VR.
  15. I tried to find a related article but couldn't, so please excuse any duplication or ignorance on my part. I was just wondering why we can enter Build mode via VR, apply talents to a construct, exchange and use tokens, and interact with container inventories, but we cannot interact with industry machines? Is there a gameplay or technical reason? If I could do all these other things while in VR, it would seem obvious I could also start/stop, change schematics, etc, with industry machines too. It would certainly be helpful!
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