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Hi everyone!  Considering todays post about BOO and the numbers of players in the top ten Orgs,  I have decided to post my charts on here as well as Twitter.  I forgot to place my name on them and n

Hi all,  sorry for the lack of updates on these charts, I have been extremely busy in the real world (that exists, I always forget) with studying, finding work, etc, etc.  I had come to a conclusi

Howdy folks! Welcome back to the charts, I have once again started them and they will be posted, weekly, on Saturdays. This is to reduce the workload and stress that had been put on me.  The chart

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Ruby Founder looking for a forever home, anyone?

Ruby Founder!  :lol:

What do you want to be in the game? Do you want to be in a somewhat laid back organization or a more serious organization?

Either way you can make a post in the arkship pub, introducing yourself and say you are looking for a org.. the recruiters will come for ya. 


I'm in the solar empire -We're a more laid back. will be more peaceful, only using force when necessary. We are also kind of a star wars fan group, you don't have to be though. 

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22nd of November, 2016.


Well, that was a rather long break with some interesting developments whilst I wasn't posting.
Numbers in the top 10 have hit over 1,000.

Terran Union is showing significant growth once again (nearly at 300), as well as Silverlight and a couple other groups showing small, but promising growth. 

It will be interesting to see how this keeps up,


last charts for catch up below!









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Ruby Founder looking for a forever home, anyone?

You said 'forever'. Say no more. Once you join The Empire, or any of the smaller orgs the Empire is related to (like the Solar Empire), you are here for ever. Traitors are forever enemies also. You can read the orgs' descriptions in the forum and choose. See you.

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23rd of November, 2016. 


Congratulations to Terran Union on hitting 300 total members! 


Well, the growth has kicked back into gear! With members being accepted and applying for organizations once again! 
This is dictated in the charts below!


As for other news, I had a rather interesting opinion come across to me today via Twitter, and I admit, it was a fault that I needed to fix. So, from this Saturday, the total number chart will also include a 'unique member' counter, that allows you to see how many of the total accounts are unique to the top ten and not crossed between organizations. 

Currently, there are 1,037 total members in the top ten - 118 of these are not unique members, i.e, they are members in multiple organizations. 

Thanks to Archonious for pointing this out. 


Anyway, as per usual, charts below! 









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This is really fantastic work youre doing Anasasi! Lots of orgs are closing down their open recruitment, so I'm not surprised to see such a fall in new members joining. This data could be super awesome in years to come, think you'll keep it going that long?

Thank-you, it can only get better with suggested input! 

And this is true, a lot of organisations are indeed closing their doors until the game is out. But we'll see how that affects the bottom end of the orgs, the 990+ other ones. :P 


And yes, I plan on doing this as long as I'm interested in the game - which will be a long time! 

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24th of November, 2016.


With the activity increasing, things get more interesting. 

As the word of the kickstarter/pledging being re-started/re-initiated, We've seen a large number of people joining the forums and the organisations. 
Along with this, we are seeing more and more orgs pop up, up to a thousand are around currently, and no, not all are active, and some are crossovers with eachother, but it is still rather impressive for such a small community. 


thanks for reading the charts and my babbling and as usual, charts below! 









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25th of November, 2016!


Well, movement is still pretty high! 
Cinderfall now has as many members as Silverlight. 
With Terran Union staying well in place of number one. 

Anyway, not much more to say. 
Have a good day/night!

Charts below as per usual. 









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Org != Alliance. Big difference

bool liedetector; 
liedetector = false; 
String CSYN; 
CSYN = " the Cinderfall Syndicate"; 
String alli; 
alli = "alliance"; 
Cinderfall = alliance;  
System.out.println(CSYN + " " + "=" + " " + alli);
catch(Exception ex) 
System.out.prinln("Neo will kill you with chocolate if you refer to" + CSYN + "as an" + alli + "!"); 


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26th of November, 2016.


For those above, as much as they may be referred to as a state or other group, i.e, an alliance, etc. I have not seen the intention be that all members joining will be from other organizations. Whilst there isn't any way to form alliances formally they will be counted as their own entity, as they seem to be. 


as you will see below, I have added the past four days worth of Unique Member Count on the Total Member Count chart. What does this mean? 

this count shows you the difference between the total top ten count and the amount of members who are crossed with other organizations, i.e, someone who may be in both Terran Union and Cinderfall, or any mix of organizations. 

This will allow people to see the true numbers within the top ten! 

As for growth, another day in double digits is great! The growth has been fairly stead for a couple days now, without too many new announcements and this may be a good trend that will fall off again, but we'll see! 

And now to the charts! 









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27th of November, 2016.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Cinderfall, Silverlight and Terran growing again, not bad :)


It is indeed a good thing! 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Another lazy, but growth productive weekend! 
With a few new members coming on board with various organizations - it is starting to dip back down again though, which is to expected as things start becoming quiet once again. 

Anyway, as you can see by the new chart line on the Total Top Ten Members chart, the unique member count is actually growing in quite a uniformed fashion, which is good, very good, infact. But, only being the start of that line, we are yet to see how it really goes. 

As per usual,

Hope you have a good Saturday/Sunday/Monday wherever you live! 


Charts below.









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28th of November, 2016


- - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Hope everyone is having a good Monday!


Todays charts show some growth, mainly from Cinderfall Syndicate! Good to see them gaining numbers again, especially unique members. 


Anyway, I don't have much to really say today, other than it is good to see the upward trend settling to be a good average join rate. 


As per usual, charts are below! 









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