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  1. discordauth:hmeZQhoCsJV3jQhsJooJHb_iy_KwoOxtyakb6o9nc7M=

  2. So i was able to log in when server was up but as soon as they went down i got the same message. So i am going to take guess that they where down when you tried to connect.
  3. Zorac


    Hey all, Long time lurker, with alpha 2 i think i will start playing or at least trying the alpha a lot more. Looking forward to this games success! :)
  4. I am pretty sure i am a kickstarter backer, i can download the game and play but here on the forums i dont have access to the alpha forums and on my profile it says i dont have access to alpha, any suggestions?
  5. Sweet! Just a quick question that i am not sure has been answered yet if that is the case i missed it. Will we be able to upgrade several times? For example i might want to move up a level each month (until 2.0 is released) because that is what my economy allows.
  6. I am quite sure that was a kickstarter specific reward for the kickstarter website. (6000+ backers)
  7. Not sure if this has be answered already but i am guessing it is possible to upgrade a pledge several times. For example this month i go from iron founder to silver founder and next month i go from silver to gold.
  8. I am 100% sure there will be several resets during alpha and beta.
  9. Will be interesting to monitor the charts now with the new crowdfunding site opened. Keep em coming, i really appreciate your effort.
  10. Sweet! And look at that new 725k reward! A bounty system!! Wow!
  11. Finally, was really looking forward to the next devblog! Some good friday reading here. EDIT: After reading this i almost feel like mining will be extremely fun instead of a chore. Maybe i should get myself a alt-account for mining.
  12. You are forgiven. Just shows that there needs to be some moderators. There is still a player made topic in announcements that really annoys me haha.
  13. I voted "dont care". Why dont i care? Basically you can write all the rules you want. I am not going to follow them (or care about them) if i dont feel like it.
  14. Thanks for the response Nomad and Nyzaltar! Looking forward to the new forums and newsletter.
  15. What everyone else said basically. Just wanted to chip in that i am not worried at all.
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