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  1. Js isn't Object Orientated (but prototype), at least not when used raw. It's not made to be so (prototype is not object but seem like it). LUA comes from C++ and is easily implemented in-game, and is Object Orientated (like C++ and C#). Plus it will let pass way few errors than Js that kind of let everything go through as functions and variables don't have type to begin with. I don't know much about LUA but Js is kind of not user friendly and unstable (even though the syntax is easy, organizing your code can be tough).
  2. It will probably be LUA only. I don't know if the in-game customizable screens will be in HTML. And I hope not. I mean it's so cheap, there's no interest if it's not for an in-game net browser imo. Surely some hard coded customizable thing would be better (LUA or even without necessary coding for the layout that would be NEAT). IMO: JS is quite flexible but really lacks orthography. I mean come on no one can read it but a mathematician, it just doesn't look easy to work with. Plus it's sometimes "too flexible" as it will let you do errors that can lead the project to be full of it (cool debugging afterwards...). C# is just bliss... it's C++ but easier, and is good to begin with, but really less powerful and flexible than C++ that is more customizable. But it also let errors pass the net, so you have some debugging issues where you can't find where the code leak is, or why it occurs. C++ let practically no error passing by, they are all detected on build, but that means more work, and is not needed for a small project. So basically in DU the best would be LUA embedded. JS is for the web and web games sometimes, even though it's not the only option for web games, and I prefer other solutions. Long live little LUA and compiled languages.
  3. Just. Don't wanna make a. sentence. for. a. topic. useless. as. this.
  4. Cool. But maybe everyone isn't here to go and say hello to each Discord to choose their org. You choose your org, then you can go Discord, or you have an org that has a partnership so you go in another org's Discord to talk. But imagine if everyone does go on every Discord Servers to choose (or to spam). You just facilitates the work for those who wanna spam by providing a list. You don't choose an org for their Discord ... I joined mine there wasn't one.
  5. Who's playing Star Wars old games and Half-Life Multi ? PM me :)

  6. And your image @Xplosiv of Trump as Good and Hilary Evil is the same. I mean none of them could be opposed that way. Their both bad :').
  7. So who's the good and the Evil here? You mean imperials are the bad gits? Even though you're part of an empire? I don't see the Empire as evil at all, to the contrary...
  8. New rule: the ones posting after me down there loses. I don't care. xD
  9. The one that posts after my post here agrees he's a total retard buddy. Ok buddy? Go on then.
  10. No, I post blabla, I didn't say any 'and'. It was just to post as everyone. I post again, post counter ++.
  11. He's serious, he really has a problem with his page, you savage . Leave him alone... no, in fact . I can't help either, waiting for the mods right...
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