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  1. Rock on! I remember being in the EVE online alpha....time flies. The evolution of continues!
  2. Good luck in wherever you go! Band of Outlaws is pretty active. Lots of chatting going on Discord and I see folks there playing eve-online and other games in the mean time. Worth a look.
  3. The is also Band of Outlaws which has a more free playing style with less rules. They are pretty active even now on Discord and have ties to EVE online. Quite a few veterans there too from EVE.
  4. Looking good! Curious to see how all the mechanics pan out.
  5. It's the main reason for me to pledge. Those monthly fees add up.
  6. Played it for years. It was very addictive. Gave away all my original blueprints so I would never come back
  7. I'll very likely get the Ruby pack before the campaign ends . The life time subscription is worth it alone (not to mention the fun of alpha and beta). Thinking eve online, 3 accounts X 84 months (7 years) X $10/month per account = $2500 ...ouch Oh...here is an idea. Advertise in games. Maybe in EVE in the main commercial hub in Jita at the main station, spam local or put up a container message saying 'dualthegame.com'.
  8. World of Warships​ is a quick and dirty addiction. 10 minutes here, 10 minutes there. Lots of fun! EVE was the complete opposite...its was a full time job.
  9. Greetings Just thought I'd see what kind of online games you ladies and gents are migrating from (or planning play at the same time for the masochists). I'll happily start. I'm from EVE Online, retired about 2 years back, played since it's beta before that. I loved the complexity in that game, the politics, comradery and coming back from the brink. Things got dull in the end when ISK becomes meaningless (I'm a type of player that rarely finishes a game and enjoys the struggle). I love the extra freedom the vision of this game promises. All the best!
  10. Nice, I've been wondering about the celestial mechanics. +1 for ya Leonis!
  11. Yup, I tend to agree. I think a monthly cost is the nice middle ground and its been road tested in plenty of succesful online games.
  12. Yes, I thought real orbital mechanics would be pushing things. Appreciate the info!
  13. Will the French Froggies join Goonswarm when Mittani moves the hive here?
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