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  1. Cinderfall, Silverlight and Terran growing again, not bad
  2. Great idea and all the way just solid! Hope to work closely with all of you for a long time to come
  3. Ease off the attack here please. If you have anything you want to say to Sakej. You should write him a PM. This is embarrasing. And not just you Leonis, but the rest who are talking shit about this. Comon, give the guy a chance. I think he would appreciate some time to correct himself.
  4. My word?? I was gone for a month, and now this? I was asking around yesterday if anything has happened and no one told me Cybrex was all cool about stuff? I should go on more monthly breaks then
  5. Even though I am against all BOO stands for, I must disagree with you.For the last couple of days it has been The Aether, hitting top spot on many forum posts. Mainly because Aether has a leader very interested in the well-being of his org. Very understandable. I believe in order, but I look at BOO, and I can only admit that not all men have the same opinions. Aetherios fights for what he believes is right, and I have been given no reason that BOO does anything differently. They just believe in different things than we do. At some point this might very well become more than just forum discussions, but until then, no one is right or wrong. I will happily fight the chaos, if indeed it is chaos. Time will tell.
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