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  1. They could at least improved the hitbox so things sitting close to one another or barely clipped would still be OK! things are WAY too strict !
  2. Need a 3rd option. Affordable taxes! because we really do need a reasonable way to clear out long time inactive or game abandoned player Zones!
  3. you say that like it would really happen. Tiles are pay once now and scanning was in but no one just claimed all the megga nodes! so it wouldn't happen now.
  4. everything looks great. EXCEPT the taxes! 1m is way too much! should be only 100,000 a week with a max of 3 month prepay!
  5. While your in there coding this feature please provide better hitbox collision and feedback for objects while placing for both objects on the construct and the item being placed! Far too often there is some invisible area where it just will not place. The feedback could be on where the collision is taking place and a highlight part on the construct that is causing the collision.
  6. I've been here since pre alpha and not a single change in the choices of engines. I'm so sick of the medium engines with their weird hitbox and unnecessary hump on the back. can we please have multipart engines where they have a central engine like AGs have with thruster parts and possibly intakes? or at least more variety!
  7. saw your Avatar here and had to share: 


  8. Currently unhappy with the state of test times. I paid to help find game breaking issues before launch and I can not do this because of their scheduling being only while I'm at work for the next month. I don't like asking for time off to "Play" a game regardless of how much I paid to be here. So guess I'll be back next month and see if test times improve.

  9. discordauth:nvZ9o4g-qVaJ6tFO-iDRsldZ2AHUHLwNQ1KmsRoe-T8=

  10. There will always be players that have more than you. Either by Buying DAC's or just by being online longer and having more experience. I think of it kinda like that guy that pays to get through courses... Lots of stuff but no experience or wisdom to use it effectively.
  11. um... Are we there yet? cuz Space Engineers keeps breaking.
  12. Ruby Founder looking for a forever home, anyone?
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