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Organisation Top Ten Chart


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Hi everyone! 

Considering todays post about BOO and the numbers of players in the top ten Orgs, 
I have decided to post my charts on here as well as Twitter. 

I forgot to place my name on them and now have, but figured seeing as it is fit, I would post them directly here as well, it's just been a little supervising side project of mine to see how the orgs and forums handled in posts, members, etc when the kickstarter came around as well as me just having a general interest in the numbers. 

So, I update the charts daily - with member orgs who have fallen off the top ten staying on there for up to seven days just in case they come back to the top.

Anyway, without rambling on too much longer. 
Have my charts. 
But stop asking for access, please, you won't get it, I'm just trying to provide consolidated data in a point for my own and others interest. 




The iframe isn't working currently, though I will post updates daily with images till I work it out, it may just be incompatible, I'm unsure.

Live chart can be found here


Edit**: Fixed some colouring issues.

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Todays chart, 

now including a second org with 100+ members, Terran Union. 


It's also been exactly a month since I started and the growth has been impressive. 


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Todays a lazy Saturday (AUTZ), not many orgs gaining, but Terran still gaining strongly.
Still having issues with embedding, so I think I'll have to keep posting this way and on twitter! 

Twitter Plug: @brayden_anasasi

I have also decided that anyone that falls off of the board from today on will be kept on, regardless if knocked off, their data just won't be updated if they are off the board. 

Also, thanks for the support guys :) 


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Todays charts - A lazy and backwards Sunday. Some loss, but Terran Union is Catching up to Band Of Outlaws. 

Will be reconsidering colours, but I may or may not change them - I will let you guys know if it happens. 


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Bumping with todays chart!

It looks like Band Of Outlaws may lose the number one spot with the growth that Terran Union has seen, whilst most other organizations either grew steadily or stayed on par with yesterdays chart. 



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You must spreadsheet until you look like this:




I'm working on it, trust me. 

Doing a better top ten breakdown with every orgs growth contribution for the top ten orgs per day. 

As well as total numbers and growth per each day recorded. 



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So, heres todays charts! Yes, now multiple! 

I added a few things, A total members over time graph, a total gain per day for the top ten and then an organization member number contribution! 

I also changed a few colours. 
Empire is now a light-ish blue.

The Aether is now a light red/pink. 

These colours are chosen based on the fact that they need to be different from others, not related to their official colours. 

Terran Union has solidified a lead as the number one org (in terms of numbers) on the community site over night. 














**^ Negative numbers are not counted in the chart above, so if someone has lost members, it is not seen. 


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