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  1. That would be cool. It would also be nice to have weather on planets like rain/storms, snow e.t.c
  2. Welcome to the community, I hope you enjoy your time in the community, it's great to have new people
  3. I hope that we can compress ores like in Eve Online. That will allow us to save more cargo space and store more ores inside.
  4. Welcome to the community Valhalo, it's always nice to have new people to talk to, I hope that you enjoy your time here with everyone, I'm sure you will have fun with us
  5. Yes. It can also be used to transport ores & other materials between the surface & underground, so it will also be very helpful for mining. I can also imagine people using magnetic rails to make underground subway networks, which would be helpful if people want to travel past a large body of water.
  6. Yeah, & with magnetic rails we could even have them placed upside down, and whatever cart/vehicle/item is running on them wouldn't fall off because the magnetic rails keep them in place, so that feature would be very helpful in difficult terrain or to get through tight places
  7. I agree that this shouldn't be a race to space. We should appreciate all the opportunities that being on Alioth gives us. All future players will spawn there, so we can build a city there that offers services to those new players, in order to get them what they need to start their life within the game. It can also be a universal place that everyone comes to whenever they want to buy more supplies e.t.c. There are already many orgs planning to host events on Alioth & others have construction projects they want to accomplish on the planet, so we can take the time we need to get to space, but while we wait, we can reap the rewards Alioth has in store for us, that is, if we put enough of a community effort into it. We can really make it a nice place for everyone, an Oasis where even veteran players will want to come back & visit. A place where new players can be recruited by other orgs.
  8. Welcome to the community, nice to have you, having new friends is nice, so I hope to see you more
  9. That sounds like a good idea, I think magnetic rails could also make vehicles hover, increasing the maximum speed that they can travel at, this could facilitate the transport of a lot of heavy cargo.
  10. yeah, rails could be used as conveyor belts to move stuff, cause I'm sure that on stations or shipping facilities having hovercraft zipping around with cargo would be messy & annoying, rails on the other hand can keep all cargo containers orderly & in place, & something else that would be good to have is the ability to control the speeds at which a vehicle travels on rails, so if an org is pressed for time, they can make the cargo move quickly through a facility, but if they are ok on time, they can make things move at an average speed.
  11. Welcome to the community Kama, it's always nice to have new people, I hope you enjoy your time here, we look forward to seeing you in game soon
  12. This example looks good, it could even be used to make the moving of cargo containers semi-automatic, I can see this being used to move many cargo containers from a storage warehouse towards the hangar bay of cargo ships, so that way all that's left to do is load the cargo onto a ship, similar to how luggage is moved from the airport to the airplane. Of course my example is just one of many that would be possible with some sort of rail system in DU. I just hope if rails will be possible, that they won't be too hard to use/make.
  13. I've never played it myself either, but I have seen videos of others playing, and its a gorgeous game, I love the survival & exploration aspect of it, plus there's also lore to it of course, so I recommend it, you can look it up yourself as well if you want to learn more about it.
  14. Correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't there some sort of mono-rail system of carts on the Hyperion Ark from Mass Effect: Andromeda? it's how your character gets from the cryosleep chambers to the bridge of the ship
  15. I agree, rails would be cool, even if all we get are magnetic ones, because that way we can build & use hover trains for public transportation and for much more.
  16. I'm confused, what website are you guys talking about? and what is a scraper?
  17. Thank you for clarifying, hopefully everything went well with the ATV test. Regards, Atlas
  18. Interesting, well at least I can test the pre-alpha at any time during the day.
  19. 2 questions, first, what times will the servers be up for Alpha testing? (in US EST time) and 2nd, why does it say "Redacted" in the middle of the sentences of some of the replies in this thread?
  20. oh ok so how's it coming along? I'm not rushing you or anything, I know you are busy with other stuff, I'm just wondering if you have been able to start working on it
  21. well, the org I'm about to tell you of is not a government per se, but it is more of a collective of organizations that plan to bring trade to everyone, & at the same time promote peace and cooperation with each other and the community as a whole. They are democratic and neutral, the name of the org is the Intergalactic Trade Federation. The leaders are Kitty Khatt and MinerMax555, do you want a link to their Discord server?
  22. well, the Solar Empire and ITF, you know who ITF are, right?
  23. Hi Shiny, can you make one for me? I don't have one yet, thanks.
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