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    Don’t be evil, fear no evil! Reconnect with the divine spark! Zen and chill!
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    Post Positive

    Positive minds, positive vibes, positive life and Linux
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    A newcomer

    Welcome/Bienvenu dans la communauté
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    @Aaron Cain :-) nice name for an org: Tranquility :-) @Veld Dicey!!! Probably Aphelia, the Novark's A.I.! Long period of cryogenic sleep seems to have side-effects on the brain and could probably induce altered states of consciousness. I remember... i am onboard the Novark, in a cryopod (not so much room). I am Awol, 1stLt and a luminous.
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    0-0 And we shall remain zen. This is a “forum" after all. And I think I posted in the right section and in the right thread. What's the point of creating a new one, when there’s already one, philosophically “on-topic”. I think, this thread is about: Soul journey/quest to enlightenment and beyond Mysteries of life and creation Eternal life and wisdom Mysticism and magick (for the initiates) Behind the characters "we play" on these forums, we have "body - mind - soul - spirit" (hopefully) o-0 @Aaron Cain I'm more curious to see how RP will evolve in DU. it's a MMORPG after all. -_0 Luminous!
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    spoon or no spoon? moon or no moon? What is more important? The question? The answer? Or the WHY to the question and the HOW to the answer? The Question itself, could be the Answer! To hell and back! By the gates of Heaven, I thank whatever gods maybe, For my unconquerable soul. Master of my fate, captain of my soul, Luminous! Luminous!
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    Sword of the Spirit, Shield of Faith. Peace and Love!
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    The universe, finite or infinite? Interesting stuff indeed, BUT!!! BUT!!! Thinking INSIDE-THE-BOX: I don't know, to be honest! Thinking OUTSIDE-THE-BOX! (Without getting rid of the box, or ignoring it): We often like to elegantly speculate based on the data we've collected (so far) from our SENSORS, right! Sight, Hearing, Taste, Smell and Touch. In my humble opinion, a great step in that "thinking-journey" would be to first get the answers to the questions: - How many senses do we have, 5 or more? Which ones? - What are we made of? *1stLt-Awol goes back inside the box someone else created.
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    Space music

    The Infinite in the Finite... and the mysteries of fractal mathematics!
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    The Infinite in the Finite!
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    Intruduce of me self

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    Space music

    pissed off!!
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    PayPal backers - Store Concept

    I support this idea.
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    Kickstarter AMA Event - First Part

    No creative mode? Inception-syndrome?
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    Contractual Corporate Peace Accords {CCPA}

    i support this motion
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    Organisation Top Ten Chart

    Good work Anasasi, thanks!