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  1. Smart move DU. I would have hired him too. The passion he has shown towards this project since the early days back in 2016 is clear. Congrats Yama. Dont know you personally but I sure did read a lot of your posts.
  2. Add pole dancers and cheap liquor. U will b profitable.
  3. The Freelancers... I like the sound of this.
  4. discordauth:i4snapmq7wfYDTcYqm-sjxViaV7Gcn3q0ZS24jJb9fw=

  5. Congratulations NQ !!!! Now on to the Stretch Goals and Alpha here we come!
  6. I mostly played an online game from Microsoft titled 'Asherons Call' then hung around in Star Wars Galaxies until they ruined it and then moved onto scripting houses in SecondLife while checking out most of the other online games for short periods of time. Some for a month or two, others shorter than that. Checked out Eve for awhile but got bored fairly quick.
  7. Hey, best wishes and extraordinary success with your transit venture org. This is a very cool idea!
  8. Great post Anon. Yep, NQ has a hell of a team.
  9. I don't know if this will help but I decided to back DU for several reasons. The NQ team is extremely capable and come from advanced backgrounds in robotics, AI, business development, etc. It's a 1World Shard. Its a SPACE game! etc, etc. So... getting past all the buzzwords and cool things they are proposing, at the end of the day there is absolutely no guarantee this game will fly. So, you can read all about NQ and DU just as easily as the rest of us can. My biggest decision was determining if I wanted to put any time into this. That's your most valuable commodity. You cannot purchase more of it. I like space and building enough to make the dive. It comes down to a personal decision and how much you care to risk and how many things you have on your gaming or hobby plate. I do think they have a long road ahead of them. Good luck with your decision and hope to see you in Alpha.
  10. nice.... another SWG refugee! Welcome, we have much to discuss....
  11. Hi Daphne, I'll be keeping you in mind if I need some space truckin. Best wishes to your organization and see u in game soon!
  12. I think it's too much of a gamble to release without any form of combat. I think they will have something, even if it's crude. It will be a hell of a challenge though but I think this company is up to it. The saving grace is that DU does so many other things too. I'll admit a space game without space combat does sound kind of strange. O.o
  13. Hey Anon, you are a good friend and I enjoy our discussions in public and pm's regarding our gaming history and DU. I have a hard time believing that anyone within the DU community is hell bent on personally attacking someone based on their ethnicity, color, creed or whatever. It's so easy for chats to get quickly out of hand and I am of the opinion that no one is that vile unless completely proven otherwise. I did not read the entire exchange of what was said on Discord but I'll wager that the things said were not directed at you personally but it really bothered you a lot and I'm sorry that happened for you. This is supposed to be a fun place to come and discuss our mutual interest in DU. Did the conversation end with, <jeez, I'm sorry if you got offended, that wasen't my intent?> If not, then maybe it should have, because it show's a mutual respect and concern and this could have been buried post haste. Your Bill of Rights is an amazing document. If I ever need to have one drafted (or a contract drawn up) for my private island of inhabitants of misfits and lowlifes (lol), you will be my author. There's nothing wrong inherently with your post content. I do feel however that the majority is covered already via ToS, Eula, etc. and hopefully common sense and respect. I also have a low tolerance for racism, bigotry. I would rapidly move on. We have lots to discuss and organize regarding this great game that we want to see materialize. @Lethys: We are on the same page... I, LETHYS, will track the goal of harassing, griefing and mocking around with players in-game on a more or less friendly basis where no fucks are given. I will never mock them because of their race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status. If offered a chance, I will have slaves, burn down cities and kill people as I see fit.
  14. It should have been a ks reward.
  15. Hey Welcome Nashville! Yes... come dream with us.
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