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  1. I disagree, there will always be a need for resources. Whether or not you get them yourself, the resources will be mined. I've heard the same, and is a decent enough solution. I don't think there should be regenerating resources on planets. In asteroids and the like? Sure.
  2. What brought me here? One of my friends, Glasrevin, constantly pushing the guys in our outfit to take a look at the game. We eventually gave in and signed up, and boy, what a good decision that was. I've come to grow in love with the community and the game itself. What I like most is the potential for interaction that you can't see in many other games.
  3. Welcome to dual universe and the community!
  4. https://discord.gg/4J5qDqd https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/vanguard-mercenaries
  5. discordauth:WIJ8piQzuq5J6lXn-iI2HeGWalx83wVa1CIUQVkY5jo=

  6. Personally, I don't think solo play is practical. Yes, its *viable*, and you can play by yourself and probably do decently well. But were people are really going to shine, is playing with other people. Even if its just one other person, it could (and most definitely will) make the game easier, safer and faster for you.
  7. Vanguard is still recruiting! But that doesn't mean you need to be a member to jump on and play games with us. Feel free to drop by our discord at anytime and join in the games. We aim to have as many people on as we can for friday nights to play a variety of games. So if you've got nothing else to do, swing on by https://discord.gg/4J5qDqd
  8. Welcome to the community!
  9. Of course, but they need the ability to push someone out. Whether it be an economical or physical leverage.
  10. Eventually, orgs will be able to 'control' planets and maybe even a system. All they need is enough presence/manpower/resources to push all contendors off the planet. They don't need to cover the whole planet in TUnits. And I don't see NQ stepping in at all because someone complaint that its unfair that an org owns x planet.
  11. Currently there are no backing/supporter packs out to gain accsess to anything. Pre-Alpha is currently running for those that got a pack with Alpha either from the kickstarter or community pledges.
  12. Shameless bump to say we've now reached 40 members with more on the way! If you're interested in joining us or simply hanging out and playing a game (most likely stellaris) feel free to drop on by. https://discord.gg/VzEkSSa
  13. The lore and groups will evolve with the game. As events happen and devs add more in. So you could make the groups now, but as twerk says, you'll probably be changing them often so they fit.
  14. Ignore him, he just likes to spoil the fun But no, I haven't seen any groups following these and this is the only thing we have about these groups so far from NQ. I personnally think it would be cool to see a subculture emerge around these groups. Which we would most likely see in political entities.
  15. Its been a while since our last update, but Vanguard is still going strong. Now with 32 members, recruitment is still open and we'ee looking to get even more. Activity has seen a spike with the creation of our Space Engineers server. For those of you who are looking for an org to join, come by our discord and have a chat. We're happy to help you find a home, whether its with us or another group. See you all in-game.
  16. o7 good to see a thread from you guys finally up. Its always good to see more Merc groups that have their shit sorted step into the public light. I hope I see you in game. Either with us or against us.
  17. Welcome to the community! And don't worry, only some of us bite.
  18. Welcome to the forums! Most of the orgs you can find on discord and people are more than happy to help. Also check out the community page orgs. (Make sure you go past the first few pages and take a look around).
  19. I found out how @Cybrex has so many posts. And welcome to the forums!
  20. Origins: Dissonance Ch.00 Many things came as a consequence of man's darkest discovery. It signalled the end, and a new beginning. The UMF sought to survive, to carry on the legacy of humanity. The nihilists sowed despair, seeking instead to scorn the human race. Nations cracked under the crumbling populace while individuals scrambled for better standings. Humanity endured through the centuries, rising and falling, fighting forward under the light of the neutron star. The Arkships were an escape from it all. Escape from the inevitable spiral of death mankind faced, whether by nature or itself. They say there were two types of people during those last few years before the launch of the Arkships. Either you had given up all hope, turned your back on humanity and squandered what you had. Or you believed in second chances, in a new beginning.
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