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  1. So using standard FTL will be more appropriate for planet-to-planet use in a single solar system, and stargates are expected to be used for system-to-system travel? This is how I understand it, but I've had trouble keeping up with all the information. As for time, this would vary for your method of transportation, how big the ship is, how many thrusters, what kind thrusters, etc.
  2. I'm sure even without the superlaser a Death Star would be fairly devastating. A construct of that size could carry countless fighters and probably even capitalships, in addition to its own armament. If such a construct is ever completed it would have to be crewed, and even with the slim possibility of automatic turrets the crew requirements would still be extremely high.
  3. I want different types of weapons: Current Projectile weapons, energy based weapons, beam based ones, missiles, etc. Then I'd also like to see various different options as to what the weapon looks like.
  4. Perhaps a setting to disable your ability to hear the broadcast sounds from a player or group, or just in general. That way you can decide if you want to hear such things, and choose to mute them if you so wish.
  5. What? No moving parts? Why?! Doors! Retractable wings! Traps! None of it?!
  6. Oh I'm very excited for this. Will be fun to watch, and interesting to travel to planets for such an event.
  7. Yes, there are things to consider, but mining could still be automated to some degree. Rather than automating it, allow for the use of drones with drills, or just limit the automation. Also any form of mining would still require one or more players to supervise the work, or pilot the drones.
  8. I'm a fan of Star Wars, what can I say? Besides, they do seem the most likely candidates for an actual traveling city.
  9. The only things I see when I imagine this are: and
  10. I mean, maybe like a robot factory run by robots, but self-replication is unlikely for multiple reasons it seems.
  11. Hmm... maybe a robot megalodon... yes... that'll work. Now, we just need to get to the #1 spot.
  12. I modified it. And it wasn't a dog... more like a head-crab.
  13. So what happens when the devs decide to apply physics to DUAL? A bad, bad day. That's what.
  14. There are certainly issues with the mechanic but it's something I'd love to see.
  15. Indeed. And if you have an issue you can take it up with my pet space shark.
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