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Intruduce of me self

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Hello and sorry for my bad english :P Im from Sweden so its little hard, But i hopes you will understand me anyway :D

Anyway, My name is Marcus and are 29 years old 12/12 its my Birthday :) Yaaay

And im not to good to intruduce me self but How i look like that can u find on my Facebook



And my Game Playername always be like: MarkSwe, Marksweden, more


Have a lovely day and cya around on the game when i will get it :)


P.S To the developers, I found this game on kickstarter and it looks good but now when i looked on youtube it was so damn amazing.

I love the game graphic! LOVELY! LOVE IT!

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Dont worry about it one bit!  Hearing you load and clear. You will find there are many kind people here. 

Welcome aboard the train!

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You'll find plenty of people on here with English as a second, third or othetwise language. The developers are even French.

Oh, and even us native English speakers don't quite speak the same version of English either, so honestly, you'll do fine here so long as you don't spam anyone or try and poach their organisation members through unsolicited private messages lol.

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