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  1. It sounds cool as a function +10 Rep😶
  2. Shall i delete CLR TYPES for SQL Server2012?
  3. Same to me do you get CLR error or something?
  4. lol and now i just get DISCONNECTED instantly......
  5. I got the .Net repaire tool but dosent work ^^
  6. Go in to your profile and then upgrade pledge
  7. I get CLR error and i have repaired my .net framework program so it will work but it still crashes I can only play in 6-10 minutes 😕 wish is little bit sad. As long right now i really love the game. But i want to be online forever.
  8. omg i wish i had a key for the coolest game......

  9. Will i be able to buy just 1 month and after 1 month decide if i want to continue?
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