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  1. Hello and sorry for my bad english Im from Sweden so its little hard, But i hopes you will understand me anyway Anyway, My name is Marcus and are 29 years old 12/12 its my Birthday Yaaay And im not to good to intruduce me self but How i look like that can u find on my Facebook https://www.facebook.com/markswe87 And my Game Playername always be like: MarkSwe, Marksweden, more Have a lovely day and cya around on the game when i will get it P.S To the developers, I found this game on kickstarter and it looks good but now when i looked on youtube it was so damn amazing. I love the game graphic! LOVELY! LOVE IT!
  2. What do you mean with free membership? On friday i will try to get the game, And pay 150SEK But have no money right now
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