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  1. I like you ...damn now i need a snack before bed...
  2. I think if you want a nice looking planet, you gotta fill the holes manually. But i gotta say please, please no respawning resources. If all the resources respawn, even if you fill the holes manually, you lower the value of the resources. And with all the high goals most of the org seems to aim at. all the huge ships they got in mind are pretty worthless in my opinion if resources regenerate. Players tend to get careless and imaging a situation like:" Sir, they destroyed our flagship."-"Yeah, no Problem, we found a Planet with huge, regenerating veins, we got ore for 50 Flagships." With a non regenerating resources system also "golden cities" or "cities made of high end tier material" are avoided. I know a lot of players, who tend to build like this in late game. Imaging walking into a CEO's room all made with high tier material, wich situation would you prefer: a.) Wow, this org really worked well, long and hard to achieve such beauty. or b.) Well yeah, the right place and a few hours of work and waiting for the respawn and i could make my kitchen look the same. I personaly would prefer situation a.. But if the resources won't regenerate, you'll defenetly see our exploitation of the Planets. If we want to rebuild Civilizations we got to exploid our surroundings, and i really like to see this. Not every Planet has to be ( and in my Opinion should be ) a nice looking Place. There are a lot of examples in SciFI-Literature where you got whole mining Planets or just Farming Planets...specialist Planets. So, i hope this makes sence to you and i hope this was the right place to write this. In short. Pro no ore regeneration...pro wasted mining Planets
  3. L1k0ss

    Job Boards

    I defently like the idea and where the discussion is going atm. Something like this could even be interessting for players you just work as a day laborer or are beetween jobs or that are just broke.
  4. Yepp, that was excactly what i overlooked...( damn you beeing tired after work *raises fist pointing at his shop location*") I totaly agree here, and if the npc/animal is as huge as a skyscraper, just kidding, more like a dinosaur, just think about all the rations we could get out of it
  5. How about not only guarding the resource, but be the resource. I'm thinking about crazy Wildlife, that might perhaps be tameable, not in a pet kinda way but as a resource for food etc. (Correct me if i'm wrong, haven't read all the Devblogs yet, but don't our Characters gotta eat something ?) So right now i was thinking of a resource, and like a vein of ore that is completly mined, if the species is extingt we run out of this resource of food, the prices are getting higher etc. And for me this would be a more fun factor than getting 50 plus ppl together to get a GatlingLazer +2
  6. Germany. Near Cologne, to be specific.
  7. I know it's a lil off-topic, but since i'm introducing myself i just wanted to chare a lil someting i crafted these days. It's a Board i did for a customer this week. The Wood is Cherry. Dimensions are 1.800x600x45mm. Just wanted to share it with you guys. Have a nice Weekend.
  8. And again thank you all for the tipps and kind words. And @Anonymus Funny thing is i'm not a Möbeltischler because (and thats the big luck i have) the Shop where i work does all sorts of things with wood. From carpentry to Kitchens to Bars...so i got quite i wide playingfield working with wood. @Xplosive sounds awesome...what shop are you planing ?
  9. Thx a lot guys. And MinerMax i still haven't given it a thought what Organization i should join or apply at, but thx for the offering. I wanted to give it some time and look through the Organizations, considering my playstyle/time and if we could get along. So off to Bed i go.
  10. After stalking this Side for weeks and hoping the crowd founding continous, i just joined the founders today and wanted to say Hello to all of you and leave a short introduction even i'm tired as hell from work. So....Hello Guys and Girls i am looking forward to share this game with you guys. I am a woodworker or carpenter or cabinet maker ( there is no good translation for this job from german to english )...and yeah i like to spend my free time like my time at work...crafting and building. I'm a huge fan of sandbox/crafting games and mostly i play the part of "the dude who organizes the stuff we need" in our little gaming group. I also like prospecting ( i hope thats the right english word) and farming the right materials. You can say i'm a team player, if i can help you out i would. If there's a fight i won't run. I just hope i can find my role in DU and i hope i'm still excited about DU in a year or two as i am now. Thx for reading, a good evening to all of you. L1k0s
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