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  1. You obviously have never been in a leadership role. I can tell you as a leader IRL, that talks about policy making will always be heated BEHIND CLOSED DOORS. They should be. I would be more worried for a group that all thought the same. What you did was try to throw those doors open. Now your upset that the people who have either been part of those discussions, seen them, or are mature enough to understand people argue, are making you out to be the bad guy. Come on...
  2. Gravitational tides... ? I think its mostly one or two people being board and coming up with some funny drama story. Maybe its the same guy!?
  3. Looks like real politicians to me. *Post edited. Reason: No real politics discussion on the forum*
  4. "You keep on using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means." I can't be the only one who thought this. ????
  5. All current ways of detecting like that use some wavelength of the EM spectrum. This can't travel faster than light. Even though that speed is somewhat relative. If a ship could travel faster it would appear to be in two places. If it could even get close to C (speed of light) it would seam to suddenly disappear and reappear or it could look like it extends from point A to point B. We have no way of truly testing this since we can't get anywhere near that kind of speed irl. I believe Star Trek uses something in subspace but I'm not familiar with it.
  6. It is a generic term. Even a TV remotes work using RF sensors. At least the older ones. I also don't see the Devs adding in really complicated calculations for them either. That's why it will have to work on a volume around it.
  7. https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/f/ff/US_Navy_110918-N-BC134-014_The_Arleigh_Burke-class_guided-missile_destroyer_USS_Halsey_%28DDG_97%29_transits_the_Pacific_Ocean.jpg/1920px-US_Navy_110918-N-BC134-014_The_Arleigh_Burke-class_guided-missile_destroyer_USS_Halsey_%28DDG_97%29_transits_the_Pacific_Ocean.jpg There's a good picture of the USS HALSEY. It shows how big the Spy-1D is. Hopefully they have figured out how to make them smaller in the future. If not these will only fit on big ships.
  8. I haven't read that one. It looks more like sensor sweet. The antenna resemble the HF/VHF antenna we currently use. The black circles would be the optics. Visible and IR. The four sections with the dots look like phased array radars. I'm not sure if that's how that will have it work in game but all of that tech is being used now. Looks like they just took what ships use now, mashed it together, and made it look like it goes in space instead of the ocean.
  9. Most radars would work still. Probably better than they do in an atmosphere since there will be little to no refraction. IR and ES sensors would work the best. Only problem with FTL speeds is both are slower than light. Using those kinds of sensors would open the possibility for a ship or fleet to get into weapons range before you knew they were there. The books Deep Space Star Carrier cover this problem in detail.
  10. Yea, take out the core it shouldn't be recognized as a construct anymore. That should be difficult without destroying most of the construct first though. I guess it will depend on the design.
  11. I think your over thinking the radars/detection. Whatever sensor type they chose to use, calculating those ranges for multiple ships each with possibly multiple sensors would make space flight unplayable if done realistically. I expect it to be more like X sensor will see a contact at X distance.
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