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  1. ... you talk about it so much that some one eventually says "Ya ya, we know, you have told us about the Pre-Alpha already!"
  2. Ok ok so you cant really speak on the game buuuut.... how bout this. The test coming up for us Gold funders and up is realllllly at a bad time very late night to early morning for me and basically means I would have to skip sleep sooo..... Can you answer is it either worth me losing sleep over or can I just wait to another test as I wont be missing much?
  3. Yea no flying an asteroid but nothing stopping you from making a giant fast moving "death star" like station thats just as big!!!
  4. I love the idea of Discord integration features! A new Alpha access game I have got into Foxhole has some integration features already added, like when you are in a war there is a button that says chat with allies on discord and you will be directed to be added on their discord which has a channel for your side of the war on your specific server and even text chat for that too, and then they even have a bot that posts messages in the associated text chat channel about major events effecting that side and server. Now of course DU wouldnt use those ways of integrating but it is an example of what can be done!
  5. Lets plz not challenge anyone to try and mine a planet to death this is how organizations are formed to do just this insane task!!!
  6. IDK how no one has suggested this site yet but here ya go... https://pcpartpicker.com/list/QrdksY ... <--- thats a custom link in which I already have added your motherboard to your list (assuming your keeping the motherboard) Now with this site you can click on any part you would like to upgrade and find compatible devices to your motherboard, help take some of the guess work out for ya. This site does have all PC part available and even will try to help you find it cheapest too. They even have alot of cool guides and such too. I'd also suggest adding your power supply, cpu(or 1 u wanna get), GPU(or 1 you want), Memory(ie. RAM), Storage(ie. Hard Drives), optical drive(ie. dvd/cd drive if ya have one) so that the site can check for all compatibility or power supply issues! Btw I would suggest a slightly better CPU and GPU and 16gb ram
  7. The guy named Emperor Sly wants in on a Democracy ... me thinks some one is trying to take over!!!!!
  8. Well I am bored and looking for a place to post some nonsense this looks like a good spot, so here goes ... Question: How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck Norris?
  9. **Warning** Nothing more useful I could add!!! So I actually read this whole thing, Yes all 4 pages and all Ive really gotten is a headache... But I have to agree I do no think there is anything wrong with the DAC system as I understand its use now but who knows what the future holds so dont quote me on this.
  10. *Passes him a wet nap* That could be sticky... Can I get some smoothie too???
  11. Damn man I did not even know this video existed and one of the builds I helped make was in it ... amazazazing video!!! RIP Landmark you will be missed.
  12. I think this is a great idea ... Can you imagine the cities filled with billboards and advertisements and art works ... Now for the concern of COPY-WRITE or malicious content thats easy make it so imported content can be flagged easily like you would flag a nude image on facebook like a lil button to file a complaint that is easy enough right there and to help the issue you put the general TOS stuff like youtube does that says what is not allowed and punishment and that the person loading the image is fully responcibly and you can even include on the same complaint button a way to file DMCA copywrite complaints to have it pulled.... This has worked out well for many other games and the above protection could even work for my following idea... I think this idea could go even further with being being able to load in short video or better yet hot-load or embed video then we could have moving vid billboards and ads and such and even more maybe 1 YouTuber might decide to embed all his videos of his adventures in DU into some kinda theater!!!
  13. To really put this ^ in prospective for all those wondering how much they will be able to build.... .25 Square Mile = 160 Acres 1 Acre = to average 1 house and yard in rural United States If you live closer to a major City this average lot size shrinks more and more until you are in the City where it is the smallest soooo.... Suburb average lot size is about half that at .5 Acres and Exurbs you are looking at an average lot size around .3 Acres If you live in a major City you do not have a house or yard and they measure things a little different in what they call City Blocks, but these are not average, standard, usually anywhere near the same going from City to City so, I will use New York City (Famously known for very square uniform Blocks) north to south a NYC Block is 1/20th a mile .25 miles = 5 New York City Blocks So 1 claim area could give you enough space to build either or... 160 Large houses with Large yards 320 Decent Size houses with Decent yards 5 Large City Blocks
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