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  1. I like the idea of meteor impacts (maybe just imaginary ones) that refill ore deposits on the moons, whether or not they make the surface dangerous to live on without shields.
  2. Haha, thank you. I will try to get one out whenever they fix the community page. At the moment I can't do it the way that I was before so I'll have to completely rebuild my method.
  3. I do agree. The old map was being supported on the free use website, graphcommons.com. It allowed a large deal of interaction, but the issue was that with every graph I created there were more users and the site has a node count maximum. This image was generated on gephi, a free tool for displaying large graphs. The issue is that I don't know of any way to display a gephi graph interactively online, there are just so many nodes that any sites with graph hosting I have tried have all crashed or capped the number of nodes. If anyone knows of a method to display this graph easily and preferably free online (I have a website and domain if needed), that would be great. I would love a 3D explorable/explodable version of the graph as well. Along with many other things that would be fun to see, such as organization specific colors and join/creation dates when viewing an individual node, or even the ability to tint users based on the time between when they made their account and joined their first organization. The locations are randomly arranged using "gravity" inside the program called gephi. This means that the dots (nodes) generally try to push away from each other but the lines (edges) pull them together. Therefore, the more edges connect several nodes, the more they will be pulled together. Orange/brown nodes are users, purple nodes are organizations, red/orange edges are "members of", and blue/green edges are "legates of". The big cluster of members in the middle of graph are mostly users that are in many organizations and therefore are pulled to the center.
  4. I just fixed the download link. The one that was there was for the old map. It is correct now or you can download the new one here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KjwDCeBsAKUZ5uceLXGUPXCV5dfHWoY4 Thank you to _Ginger_ for pointing out the lack of The Federation Alpha.
  5. 2019-06-28 - Top 500 Organizations This is every organization with at least 3 members (or should be). Almost 7,000 nodes and 10,000 edges. Still just an image. I don't have the current ability to make the data interactive unless you have Gephi and want the file. Full Size Download (20480 x 20480 png): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KjwDCeBsAKUZ5uceLXGUPXCV5dfHWoY4 EDIT: The correct updated map link now! ^ preview:
  6. @Yuuyake I would love to see the stuff that you have mentioned done. But using the methods that I have that have a large manual part to them makes anything fancy unreachable. Also the graphcommons site that I had been using doesn't support massive graphs like the DU one very well.
  7. The base PNG export where you can read everything is about 15Mb. But I could make it a lot bigger. Honestly it's a really inefficient method of transporting the data. But I don't want to require everyone to have a third party program installed to even view the graph.
  8. @ShioriStein @Aaron Cain Working on it. I don't have a way to host an online version atm it but I have the data. https://i.imgur.com/YRD9YAr.jpg unfortunately imgur compresses everything to ~1.71Mb so it's still hard to read.
  9. hmm... what is this? Nodes: 6550 Edges: 8816 EDIT: https://i.imgur.com/YRD9YAr.jpg
  10. I would love to be able to display all of the organizations on one map if anyone knows another nodemap host that would support maybe 8,000+ nodes.
  11. Generally about once a month. It takes a lot of manual labor to complete them because of little quirks.
  12. You would have to contact the hosting company. There are much more efficient ways to display this large a data set without lag but it isn't really what their site is designed for. Unfortunately I just don't have the means to build my own.
  13. Here are the rest of the organizations with at least 2 members @TheGreatPigeon @Warden @DarkHorizon Shockeray's Dual Universe Startup Community Map 1.2.4 06-07-18
  14. I have done that several times and it would probably be worth getting the data whether or not I put it into a map just for posterity sake, but it's not near as interesting as the majority of the small organizations are not interconnected. Although that is going to be less and less the case as larger organizations are pushed out of this map.
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